Group discussion in class

Constructivism learning theory is one of the most important learning theories to build students’ cooperation and collaboration. This method guides the student to become active in class and of course, all students will participate. This method also can improve student’s motivation, teamwork, and communication skills. From my previous teaching, I have applied collaborative and cooperative learning by creating group discussions and group assignments among the students in class and also outside class. I formed them into small groups of 5 or 6 persons and asked them to discuss the questions. From this strategy, I can observe the mastery in their group. I also can inspire them to talk. This group discussion gave a good impact on students but not all members master that particular topic. The outcome that I gained is, the students can get many ideas between them. Each person and each group have their own idea and answers. The students can share strengths and also develop their skills. After they got the answer, I discussed with them the correct answer.

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