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Active learning: Think Pair Share

In my lecture, the cognitivism learning theory is very important. I want to train my students to use thinking to learn. The active learning that I applied in my previous lecture is think-pair-share. I post one question to my students and ask them to think themselves, then share with their partner, and lastly, share with the whole class. This strategy is employed to help the students understand, recall and retain the concept of the topics. This strategy also can develop critical thinking and cooperation among the students.

Steps on how to do Think-Pair-Share in class.

Soul of academia (BC4DCP Program)

The issue discussed in Module 16, BC4DCP program was regarding the importance of having a soul in academia. The soul of academia is about something that we cannot measure. It comes from our hearts and spirit. The soul of academia is very important in order to get a good and quality achievement. All the staff in academia should have a good soul in doing their works to produce the best performance for the institution.

As an academic staff, I plan to soar high in academia and yet never losing my footing/ground firmly anchored on my soul of academia by having four principles in my life as an academic staff which is honesty, persevere, sincerity and responsibility. For this reason, these four principles will motivate me to be a good worker and a good educator in academia with a good soul although I am at the high level of academia in any track whether in teaching, research, service, or leadership. To be honest, in my work, I have to set my clear goals and guidelines so that my work always in line with honesty without hoping for benefits from others.

From the principle of persevering, I shall keep myself to be diligent in work and always doing good works to succeed. I have to commit to my work. Successful people always committed to their work. Sincerity is one of the most important principles in my life as an academic staff. Sincere workers and educators do not hope for benefits or rewards and as Muslim people, we just hope for a blessing from Allah. Thus, our works become more meaningful. The last principle that I keep in my mind is responsibility. This principle of responsibility also plays a significant role for me to still sustain on my soul of academia. Doing a job with responsibility will come out with the best results and give a high impact to other peoples and institutions. This principle can help me to do the best in my job, satisfy my work, be a professional, and becomes a dedicated worker and educator. As an educator, I shall give value to others, not a content delivery, and educate others to be better. Lastly, I always plan to do quality work in all aspects, love what I do, and love my job.