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Dr. Nurul Hazrina Idris is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geoinformation, Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She actives in conducting research related to Satellite Coastal Altimetry, Marine Remote Sensing, and Coastal Geophysical Studies in Relation to Climate Change.

Dr. Nurul received a PhD in the field of Civil Engineering from The University of Newcastle Australia in 2014. She also one of the recepient of the prestigious award of Australia Endeavour Fellowship in 2018.

She is an active associate members of INSTEG Centre of Excellent, and the member of TropicalMap Research Group. Through her career as an academician, she has published several papers in high impact journals.

Dr. Nurul would cordially invite personals who enthusiastic in the research particularly in the area of coastal geophysical studies, climate change, & Marine remote sensing to join her research teams.
Some research funding to support students might be available from time to time. Kindly email your resume along with your brief research proposal to

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