Research Areas/Interest

My research interests are in the field of remote sensing and satellite oceanography, by means of both active and passive instruments, and in the exploitation of the synergy and integration of data coming from different space-borne instruments with traditional in-situ measurements. Within this broader range of interests, one particular topic of research is satellite radar altimetry of coastal applications. This work has focused on the multisatellite observation of coastal physical parameters including the sea level, wave height, and wind and the study of their characteristics with satellite altimetry, scatterometry, and imaging multispectral data. In particular, I have contributed to the first optimized sea level over coastal oceans from a sophisticated expert system. The works covers the topic of coastal altimetry, waveform retracking, and deep learning machine.

A theme which underpins my research is the development and application of advanced statistical and signal processing techniques to the retrieval of oceanographic information from satellites. This includes the development and implementation of novel techniques for the analysis of satellite data, as well as the study of new sensors and new applications of existing sensors, as in the case of coastal altimetry. This is a new exciting frontier for satellite altimetry, one of the most successful techniques ever to look at the ocean, and it has important application, from helping with the monitoring and forecasting of coastal sea level rise, to ocean renewable energy mapping