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Story about house renovation with Yong Soon Renovation/Jazz Renovation


I recently renovate my house at Fortune Hill Bandar Baru Kangkar Pulai with Yong Soon Renovation. He know registered the company under a new name known as Jazz Renovation.


These are the words to describe about the contractor.

I started the renovation work on December 2015 and the works are now (june) nearly finished. These indeed a very long terrible journey for me. The contractor is soooo not recommended due to:

1. Too many hidden items in his quotation. He quote me 60k for extending my kitchen, supply and stall my kitchen cabinet, extend balcony, build a laundry room. His quotation is a lump sum quotation. Therefore, no detailed amount on each items. For a person who has a lack experience in house reno work, I felt ok to received such quote. But I was wrong (soo much regret for not asking for the bill of quantity from the beginning). Through out the reno process, there are so many things that he did not supplied. For instance, He mentioned in his quote: 2 L-box to be installed but only 1 was installed. he convinced me to has only 1 rather than 2 because there is no suitable place to installed it. I insisted to have it in my where he started to show his cleverness n huge experience in reno by saying bedroom lighting should be dim, so box is not suitable bla bla bla.. in other thing, he mentioned supply n install plumbing in the kitchen.. he did the plumbing concealed but the pipe/hose under the sink is not included, unless additional rm500 is paid to him. Bullshit !!!

2. Yong soon/jazz renovation is a dream crasher!! He ruined my dream kitchen and laundry room.. he was interfered so much on the design that I dream on.. acting like he got so much ideas…macam rumah tu rumah dia pulak…

quoting me to install softclose kabinet, but again not fully installed.

3. Yong soon/jazz renovation, the owner name ah soon. He simply through his anger to me!! When I complaint about something for him to fix, he simply maki2, treatening me.. I thought what!! This is how soon deal with the customer when we closed the deal with him. He was very nice and gently spoken at the beginning, but once we closed the deal, his attitude is totally different especially when we raise our complain. My rule is simple, if he deliver the items well by following the quotation, I will pay him as what had been dealed. But when I say it, He treatened to make viral to facebook saying that I am, as a lecturer, is a liar bla bla bla, with an intention to foul my reputation.. hahaha… anyway, I loose nothing if he did it, but if I make viral about him, he will definitely lost many bussiness especially at Fortune Hill and JB.

So my advice here, be carefull with this contractor Yong Soon/Jazz renovator.. I am so much regret dealing with him..