Training: Radar Altimetry for Lake Water Level in Malaysia

In this 3 days training course, the trainee should be able :

  1. to understand the basic concept of non-imaging remote sensing of radar altimeter;
  2. to download radar altimeter datasets;
  3. to perform basic processing of radar altimeter; and
  4. to calculate the lake water level (LWL) for small rivers/lakes in Malaysia;

Target audience:

  1. Authority and/or Dam management
  2. Researchers and R&D officer

Training modules (3 days):

The lecture course will cover topics:
1)Introduction to satellite altimeter

2)The key principles of altimeter techniques

3)How radar data are transformed into useful quantities

4)Available missions and data sets with their accuracy. Available data product

5)Altimetry and inland water: how we extract information in research studies and applications

6)Future technology of SWOT for inland water

The hands-on and practical exercise will cover:

1)How to download altimeter data from Low-Resolution Mode (LRM) and SAR altimeters

2)Introduction to Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox (BRAT) for altimeter data processing

3)Retrieval of Lake Water Level from Altimeter Data using BRAT

4)Retrieval of lake water level from altimeter data using MATLAB Programming

Any enquiries, contact Dr Nurul Hazrina (

Previous Training

Malaysia Space Agency (27-29 September 2022)

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