The difference between Authentication, Authorisation and Access Control

It is important to have a clear difference of security concept – authentication, authorisation and access control.  There are several discussion, some also provide analogy and comparison table. For better understanding you may study them and have your own definition.
They are:
  1. IBM Knowledge Centre [link]
  2. Priocept [link]
  3. CloudKnox [link]
  4. BU TechWeb[link]
DIY task in 10 minutes:  Write down your own definition of Authentication, Authorisation and Access Control on A4 paper. Submit during the class.
Rashidah Kadir 
20190920 12:57pm(Jumaat)

Cryptography Task 1 | Security Threats, Services and Mechanism


As an Security Consultant, review ONE cryptography application, then;

  1. Identify and discuss the main task offered that require security mechanism.
  2. Identify and elaborate security threats against the application.
  3. Identify and explain existing cryptography security services and security mechanism of the application.

Find the example of cryptography applications on Introduction note – page 2.

Prepare a slide of your review results and present (more to knowledge sharing).

Do follow the Guidelines of the task. [pdf]


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