Meeting with Industry Partners during Curriculum Design

This photo was taken in early 2016, during the design phase of our 2u2i program, Bachelor of Computer Science (Data Engineering). The meeting was with our industry partners in order to get their input on the relevancy of the curriculum in producing future ready graduates who will be in the industry during their internship for a year.

E-Learning Technology and Applications Track: ICT-ISPC2017

On 23rd May 2017, I was the session chair for the Track E-Learning Technology and Applications at ICT-International Students Project Conference (ISPC) 2017. Three students has presented their projects for 20 minutes. Two of them are international … [Continue reading]

Jerayawara UniTP Orange Book Zon Selatan: Differentiated Career Pathway

Pada hari ini 16 Mei 2017, saya menghadiri taklimat UniTP Orang Book Zon Selatan di UTHM. Jerayawara UniTP Orange Book ini merupakan buku panduan bagi differentiated career pathway untuk kakitangan akademik di semua IPTA di Malaysia. Taklimat ini … [Continue reading]

Trip to NUS

Official Trip to NUS with TNCP of UTM … [Continue reading]

Testing to facebook

Testing from web to facebook … [Continue reading]

HCI short drama

The User is a King and an example of Short Drama from Stanford University. This could give some inspiration to your group presentation … [Continue reading]