Journal Papers

Journal Publication 2015 :

[1] Wasef Mater, Roliana Ibrahim (2015), “Factors Supporting Teamwork Communication in Clinical Pathways: Systematic Literature Review”, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 81, pg 481 to 488.

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Journal Publication 2014 :

[1] Shahid Kamal, Roliana Ibrahim, Imran Ghani (2014), “Review on Service Selection Scheme based User Preference”, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 70(2), pg 391-404.

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Journal Publication 2013 :

[1] Amy Hamijah Ab Hamid, Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan, Safaai Deris, Roliana Ibrahim
(2013), “Business Process Analysis of Emergency Plan Using Work System Theory,
Jourmal of Research and Innovation in Information Systems, Vol 3, pg 37-43, 2013.

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pg 15-22.

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Sustainable Key Performance Indicators Delivery Process For Scholarly Publication and
Citation”, International Journal of Management & Information Technology, Vol 3(3), pg –

Journal Publication 2012

[1]Elham Khatibi, Roliana Ibrahim, Vahid Khatibi.B (2012), “Issues on Software Development Effort Estimation inside the Organization: A Survey”. Archives Des Sciences. Aug 2012,Vol 65,8. (ISI Indexed, IF :0.296),(ISSN: 1661-464X)

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“Exploiting Scholars Background Knowledge to Improve Recommender System for
Digital Libraries”. International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications. (Scopus Indexed, ISSN: 1975-9339). (Accepted and to be published)

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10.5121/ijmit.2012.4303 23.

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Journal Publication 2011

[1]Reza Alinaghian, Azizah Abd Rahman and Roliana Ibrahim (2011), “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy: Significances, Challenges, Issues and Future Research Framework” Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, December 2011. Vol 5 (12), 963-969. ISSN:1991-8178 (Scopus Indexed).

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Journal Publication 2008

[1] Roliana Ibrahim (2008), ”Diagnosing The Viability of Functional Analysis Of A Gene
Sequence Process in Multiple Recursive Bioinformatics Experimental Work Situations”,
Journal of Information Technology, Jun 2008, Vol. 20 (1), 28-44.