Dr. Sa'ardin Bin Abdul Aziz

Dr. Sa'ardin Bin Abdul Aziz

Postgraduate Academic Manager / Senior Lecturer

Academic Backgrounds

I was awarded a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautics) and a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautics) from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.  Then, I continued my Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering also from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.  I studied for my PhD in an ultrasonics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Glasgow. I was joined Universiti Teknologi Malaysia as Tutor in year of 2000 before I was appointed as a Lecturer in Aeronautics in 2002. In 2012 I was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Razak School of UTM in Engineering and Advanced Technology. I was appointed as Coordinator of Executive Master Occupational Safety and Health Management programme and I am currently was assigned as PostGraduate Academic Manager in the Razak School of UTM in Engineering and Advanced Technology, Kuala Lumpur.

Education History

2012                      PhD. (Mechanical Engineering, University of                                              Glasgow)

2003                      M. Eng (Mechanical Engineering, Universiti                                                Teknologi Malaysia)

1998                      B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering – Aeronautics,                                            Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

1995                      Diploma (Mechanical Engineering – Aeronautics,                                      Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)