Total Amount = RM1,362,950.00

Total Amount (PI) = RM132,000.00 Total Grant (PI) =5,

Total Grant (PI) above RM30,000 = 3, Total Amount (PI) = RM92,000

Total Amount (Member) = RM1,260,950.00, Total Grant (PI) = 31,

Total Amount (Member) above RM30,000 = RM1,056,000.00

1. Kajian Sokongan ke atas Kebolehlaksanaan (Feasibility) dan Tahap Ketersediaan (Readiness) Peralatan Perubatan Bagi Aplikasi Teknologi Artificial Intelligence (Al) dan Internet Of Things (IOT) Berserta Strategi Baharu Penyelenggaraan Peralatan Perubatan di Hospital-Hospital KKM Principle Investigator Contract Research 30,000
2. Design and Development of Hybrid Bio-Nanocomposites Filament for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printing Principle Investigator

Tier 2




3. The effectiveness of superimposed ultrasonic excitation on sheet metal forming. Principle Investigator PAS 20,000
4. Acoustical Performance of Kenaf/Polypropelene Composite as a High Acoustic Absorber at Aircraft Hangar Principle Investigator

Tier 2


5. Safety Security Management Plan to Curb Football Fans Hooliganism at Stadium Principle Investigator Dana UTM RAZAK 32,000
6. UTM-TDR24.1(T1):Energy Storage Condition Monitoring System for SMART-ENERGY Module Member UTM TDR 73,000
7. Data Quality Management (DQM) System Framework for Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) in an oil and gas refinery operations Member RUG 15,000
8. IRITS: Innovative Pico Hydro Turbine for Remote Area And Innovative Learning Member Prototype Development Fund 20,000
9. Effect of Moisture Absorption on Perforation Resistance and Residual Strength of Interply Hybrid Hemp-Kevlar/Carbon Epoxy Composites Member Contract Research DTD 10,000
10. The Optimization of Four Simultaneous Effects on Kenaf/Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) Hybrid Composites by Using Box-Behnken Design Member FRGS 60,000
11. UTM-TDR24.3(T2):Development of Small Scale Floating Offshore Wind Turbine for Low-Speed Application Member UTM TDR 37,000
12. UTM-TDR 24.2 (T2): Computational And Experimental Analysis of Vertical Axis Marine Current Turbine Design for Smart-Energy Module Member UTM TDR 37,000
13. TDR-UTM24.5(T2): Return of Investment (ROI) Power Generation Analysis for Smart Energy Module Member UTM TDR 22,000
14. TDR-UTM24.4(T1): Potential Wave Energy Production By Wave Energy Converter Technology Member UTM TDR 51,000
15. Design of A Superlative Aerodynamic Ratio Envelope of A Hybrid Airship Vehicle (HAV) for UAV Surveillance Platform Member Tier 1 20,000
16. Fundamental Development of Low Cost Highly Efficient Solar Photovoltaic System Via Mathematical Simulation of Newly Designed Solar Concentrator Member Tier 1 40,000
17. Improvement of Changeover Times Through Integrating of Smed Method With Qfd Techniques for Semiconductor Industry Member Tier 1 40,000
18. Fatigue Effects of Impact Loaded Pipes With Flowing Liquid And Gas Member FRGS 70,000
19. Membangunkan Mikro Turbin Banki Secara Lestari Bagi Mempertingkatkan Taraf Hidup Serta Eko-Pelancongan Dikampung Sungai Tiang,Taman Negeri Royal Belum Member CCIN 100,000
20. Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristic for Lightweight Disc Brake On Regenerative Braking System for Electric Vehicle. Member Tier 1 103,000
21. Vortices Flow Pattern and Boundary Layers Study of a Micro Wind Turbine with an Inclined Panel Using Computer Simulation Member UTM R&D Fund 50,000
22. Effects of Control Surface Deflection at Various Angles on Flutter Speed and Frequency Through Wind Tunnel Testing Member Tier 2 50,000
23. Indentation Response of Kenaf/Polypropylene Corrugated Sandwich Structures Subjected To Quasi-Static And Dynamic Loading Member Encouragement Grant 20,000
24. Low Velocity Impact Response of Kenaf/Epoxy Corrugated Sandwich Structures Member Potential Academic Staff 20,000
25. Kinesthetic Approach To Validate Work Movement Task Analysis Observational Tool Member Encouragement Grant 20,000
26. Mercerisation Treatment Enhancement of Kenaf Fiber/Polypropyelene Composites using Box-Behnken Design Member Fundamental Research Grant Scheme 88,000
27. Investigation of Best Parameters To Obtain Optimal Performance of Fully Functioned Crossflow Micro-Turbine To Be Used By Orang Asli In Remote Area Member Tier 2 20,000
28. Feasibility Study Aiming At Identifying The Potential Opportunities of Developing A Pioneer Underwater Ocean Turbines Power Plant On The One Fathom Bank Member Tier 1 40,000
29. Investigate of Sustainability Hybrid Renewable Energy System: Ocean Current Turbine & Solar Power System Electrification On One Fathom Bank Malaysia Member Tier 1 40,000