Master by Taught Course (Main Supervisor)

No. Name Status Title Roles of Supervision Date
1 Muhammad Faris Shafiq Zulkarnain



Pattern Layout of Crowd Management During Emergency Evacuation using

Bluetooth Tracking

Main Supervisor 2018
2 Ummi Hani BintiMohamad Zabidi Graduated

Ergonomic Risk Factors and Musculoskeletal Discomfort

Among Platform Supply Vessel Officers

Main Supervisor 2018
3 Arvinthan A/LVenugopal Graduated Structure Health Monitoring of RMAF Sukhoi SU30MKM Aircraft Towards the ProgressiveRestoration Work Program Main Supervisor 2018
4 Rabiatul’ Antashah Binti Rosli Graduated Crowd Simulation for Stadium’ Emergency Response Plan to the Spectator’s Violence Main Supervisor 2018
5 Subramanian A/L Manickam Graduated Improvement of Standard Operating Procedures for Football Stadium Main Supervisor 2016
6 Wan Mahirah Balqis Bte Wan Abdul Wahab Graduated Safety Compliance in Onshore Gas Pipeline Installation Main Supervisor 2017
7 Aldrahim Yousef Khalid Y Graduated Low Back Pain Engineering and Ergonomic Issuesnbsp Due to Long Sitting at Work Among Management Staff At Abc Company In KSA Main Supervisor 2017
8 Armiee BinBardani Graduated Spares Management Impact on C130H Aircraft Serviceability Main Supervisor 2015
9 Nouman Shahid Graduated The Importance of Safety Practices In Working Environment At Stone Crushing Plants In Pakistan Main Supervisor 2017
10 Mohd Faisal Bin Jamaludin Graduated Penilaian Mengenai Isu Beg Sekolah Berat Dalam kalangan Guru Main Supervisor 2016
11 Abd Amir Malek Bin Abd Kadir Kailani Graduated Budaya Keselamatan Di Kem Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Main Supervisor 2017
12 Abd Ghani BinHasnan Graduated Attitude Towards Safety & Health Among Laundry Attendant in Setia Alam, Selangor Main Supervisor 2016
13 Siti Aisyah Binti Minhad Graduated Critical Factors Analysis on Skills Development for Aircraft Engineering Graduates Main Supervisor 2016
14 Mohd NorzaidiBin Badri Graduated Health Issues of Marching Activity at Army Ceremonial Unit Main Supervisor 2015
15 Muhammad Azfar Bin Muhamad Dan Graduated Bird Strike Hazard in Royal Malaysian Air Force Main Supervisor 2015
16 Maizatul Hazariah Binti Mahayadin Graduated Analysis on Quality of Treated Water at KL International Airports (KLIA) Main Supervisor 2015
17 MuhammadFirdaus Bin Mohd Zain Graduated Kes Salah Laku Displin Di Kalangan Warga Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia Main Supervisor 2016
18 Fatimah AlZahrah Razak Graduated


and Practice of Occupatinal Safety during Anchor Handling Operation

Main Supervisor 2013
19 Nurul Azurin @ Syukri Bin Adnan Graduated Improving conversion time for Ball Attach operation through reflow profile standardization for multiple products through high volume and conversion manufacturing Main Supervisor 2014
20 Aziizur Rahman Bin Abdul Aziz Graduated Modeling Noise Absorption Coefficient Empirical Equation by Using Response Surface Method for Kenaf Fibre Main Supervisor 2014
21 Ashraf BinMohammad Radzi Graduated Risk Assessment During Rectification on Leaking Avtur Fuel Tank of Aircraft Nur Main Supervisor 2014
22 Naveentharan A/L Gengatharan Graduated Introduction of New Product in Aviation Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Using Lean Concept Main Supervisor 2014
23 Amirudin Bin Kamis Graduated Develop Near Miss Reporting Awareness for Personnel Onboard Accomodation Work Barge SAUJANA TUJUH Main Supervisor 2014
24 Mohd Faizal Bin Derani Ongoing Accessibility of Fitness to Work for Oil And Gas Industries In Malaysia Main Supervisor
25 Mohd Fahmi Bin Badulrudin Ongoing Delay Factors In Handling Hazardous Materials Incidents By Hazmat Responder In Selangor Main Supervisor
26 Aiman Shoaib Suliman Mohamed Ongoing Improvement on New Marketing Strategy for Safat Aircraft Maintenance Center Main Supervisor

Master by Taught Course (Co – Supervisor)

No. Name Status Title Roles of Supervision Date
1. Nuzul Hazwani Bt Mohamad Hanafi Graduated Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Hardness of Serviceexposed NiCr Superalloys Turbine Blade Co-Supervisor 2014
2. Syaiful ‘Amrun Bin Suhaimi Graduated A Relationship of Health Effect Between Flight Simulator and The User During and After Use Co-Supervisor 2014
3. Khairunnisa Binti Mohd Khalid Graduated The Impact of Islamic Work Ethics Towards Employee Job Performance Co-Supervisor 2013
4. Dell Akhbar Hyder Khan Graduated The Need of an Emergency Response Plan for The National Stadium Bukit Jalil Co-Supervisor 2013
5. Zamree Bin Amin Graduated Risk Assessment Tools for Confined Space Entries in Malaysia Industries Co-Supervisor 2014