Master students


Master of Science (MSc. by Research)

  1. Faradiana Mat Yaacob, Analisis Kos dan Kesan Kos Keselamatan Dalam Perlaksanaan Projek Pembinaan. (Main Supervisor) (July 2009-August 2013) (Graduated, 2013)
  2. Alfred Goh Pui Teck, Evaluation of Malaysian Safety and Health Induction for Construction Worker. (Sept. 2014-Feb. 2015) (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2015)
  3. Prescilla Anak Palis, Best Practice of Maintenance of Public University (Main Supervisor) (Feb. 2017-2019). (Graduated, 2019)
  4. Norhernani Md Nor, Termination of Contract in Construction (Feb. 2020-Current) (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2024)
  5. Kamaruzaman Munasir, Maintenance Cost for Port (Sept. 2022-Current) (Main Supervisor) Ongoing

Master by Mixed Mode (Dissertation)

  1. Mohammad Khairul Ruslan, Safety Culture Development in Sime Darby Properties” (Main Supervisor) (Dec. 2011-August 2013) (Graduated, 2013)
  2. Mohammad Khairul Jemain, “Pembangunan Model Penilaian Kendiri Keselamatan” (2010-2011) (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2014). 
  3. Shahril Izwan bin Ismail, A Study on The Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction in Private Education Institution, (Main Supervisor) (In collaboration with Open Univ. Malaysia) (Graduated, 2017)
  4. Muhammad Hafizi Danial, Critical Top Management Supports to Influnce on Project Success in Construction Industry (Feb. 2018- Dec. 2019) (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2020)
  5. Siti Noorzarina Musa, Risk Assessment for the Delay Factors in Project Management of Road Construction, (Feb. 2018- Dec. 2019) (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2020)
  6. Priscilla Yong Chang Hua, Green Features: Value Added to Residential Property, (Feb. 2018- Dec. 2019) (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2020)
  7. Azita Yusof. Application of Safety Management in Rock Blasting. (Main Supervisor) MOSHRM (Open Univ. Malaysia) (Graduated, 2020)
  8. Dg Mohd Al Hafidz b. Ishak, Critical Path Method in Manufacturing Industry, MOSHRM (Open University Malaysia), (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2021)
  9. Liew Mei Yun, Safety Effect of Long Work Hour on Employee Workplace Safety and Health (Main Supervisor) MOSHRM (Open University Malaysia) (Graduated, 2021)
  10. Loke Jee Han, Contractor Tender Decision Making (2018-19) (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2021)
  11. Ellaijah Nadrarasan, Communication Impact on Safety Through Visibility of Management at Workplace, MBA, (Open University Malaysia), (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2022)
  12. Zuledham b. Mohamad, Risk Assessment and Safety Awareness in Rock Blasting Process. MBA(Open University Malaysia), (Main Supervisor) (Graduated, 2022)
  13. Thamil Selvi Velaiah, Safety & Health Risk Management at Hospitals, MOSHRM (Open University Malaysia), (Graduated, 2022)
  14. Kong Huai Tao, CPM In Process of Data of Manufacturing Industry, MOSHRM (Open University Malaysia), (Main Supervisor) Ongoing
  15. Yugabalan a/l Narasiman, CPM in Requirement of Maintenance Work, MOSHRM (Open University Malaysia), (Main Supervisor) Ongoing
  16. Aziz Dawi, Rework Causation in Construction of Offshore Structural Project, (Open University Malaysia), Ongoing