Case Study : Cost Management Issues of World’s Mega Projects

Cost planning is not a simply method for PRE-TENDER ESTIMATING but a controlling mechanism  during the design stage and construction stage. The budgets for costs and earnings must be realistic, being based on an achievable programme and a correct appreciation of the required resources based on practical experience. You are required to conduct research on cost issues involving the following projects:

Sydney Opera House, Australia

KLIA 2, Sepang Malaysia

London Olympic Stadium, UK

Scottish Parliament House, UK

You discussion should include the following

  1. Project team, contract duration and organisation structure
  2. Construction cost issues
  3. Total initial cost and total final cost
  4. Proposed action plan to resolve construction cost issues


  •  In undertaking the above exercise, students are required to search information using Google
  • Students can refer to the previous government report and reference books.
  • The exercise should be undertaken during the time period in the Class/Tutorial.


  •  Submission should be in Week 5 of the semester.
  • Please clearly write your name and matrix number in the fórum discussion