CASE STUDY : Detailed Cost Plan for SAJ Pump House

CASE STUDY : Approximate Quantities and Detailed Cost Plan

Pump House Building Layout Plan of Pump House


In QS practices, cost estimation would normally be done by means of APPROXIMATE QUANTITIES. The main purpose of detailed cost estimate is to compare the important components or for projects which unusual and complex design. Based on Construction Drawings for Pump House, your group are required to produce detailed cost estimate. The rate should be referred to JKR Schedule of Rate published in 2019. The report must contain the following elements:

 a)     Gross Floor Area

b)     Cost per square metre

c)     Elemental cost analysis

d)     Top five main elements  contribute to building costs



·        In undertaking the above exercise, students are required to refer to

       JKR Schedule of Rate 2019, Contract Document and previous BQ.

·        Students can refer to the consultant report and reference books.

·        The exercise should be undertaken during the time period in the Class/Tutorial.




·        Submission should be in  Week 10 of the semester.

·        Please clearly write your name and matrix number in the fórum discussion.