Collaboration between Sabah Department of Irrigation and Drainage, University of Oxford, University of Kent, University of Lancaster,South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP) and UTM.


This 2 day conference highlighted  the many challenges in managing the scarce water resources in the state. The conference provides a strategic networking platform for all walks of life in-line with its theme “River – Source of Life”

Picture: Mr.Miklin Ationg (Head,Water Resources Managememt Section, Department of Irrigation and Drainage Sabah), Dr Agnes ( Assistant Director for policy, SEARRP), myself and  SEARRP Scientists Dr. Eleanor Slade, Dr. Sarah Luke.

“The protection of “riparian reserves” – 20m on either side of rivers more than 3m wide – is a legal requirement in Sabah, which is a state regulation designed to protect water quality, water quantity and aquatic environments. With a growing interest in sustainability, the possible biodiversity co-benefits of this policy have been recognised by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Sabah, including the provision of natural habitats for important species, improved landscape connectivity, and the protection of important ecosystem services such as increased carbon sequestration. However, there is currently little empirical evidence available to demonstrate that riparian reserves are effective in conserving biodiversity and ecosystems. Where research exists, these insights are often inaccessible to policy-makers and practitioners in Sabah”.-SEARRP,2017.

An article on this have also been published in SEARRP’s official website which can be viewed at :

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