Past Research Experience

Post-Doctoral Research, Loughborough University, United Kingdom (2012-2013)

Employed under the EPSRC Encyclopaedic project grant

     Multi-scale Friction Model

  • modelling of asperity pair interaction considering Lennard-Jones based adhesion and lubricant shearing along asperity pair summits
  • validation of asperity model through atomic force microscopy (AFM) measurements of friction along dry/wet rough surfaces using contact mode, fluid imaging and lateral force microscopy
  • extend the asperity interaction model to sliding rough surface contact, leading to an improved friction model which can be used to predict the frictional losses along the piston ring/liner conjunction

 Engine System Tribology and Dynamics

  • modelling of cam-tappet tribological conjunctions considering thermo-elastohydrodynamic lubrication
  • transient analysis of gear tribological conjunction
  • modelling of piston-ring liner lubrication considering the transient effect of cavitation