Abdulqudos Y. Alnahari, Noor Azurati Ahmad, Yusnaidi Md Yusof. “Modified Weighted Centroid Algorithm for Indoor and Outdoor Positioning Using Wireless Sensors Network“. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2018. pp. 33-36. DOI: 10.21833/ijaas.2018.02.006.
This paper shows how to allocate a blind node in a wireless sensor network (WSN) using the proposed WCL approach and shows how the enhancement of the algorithm made better accuracy with mean square error, MSE, of 64.5cm for indoor positioning and 123.0cm for outdoor positioning. .


Nor’asnilawati Salleh, Salwani Mohd Daud, Sharizal Fadlie Sabri, Noor Azurati Ahmad, Sya Azmeela Shariff, Yusnaidi Md Yusof, Mohamad Zulkefli Adam. “Enhancing Temperature Control Method of Thermal Vacuum Chamber for Satellite Testing Using Optimization Algorithm: A Review“. Jurnal Teknologi, Vol. 78, No. 5-7, 2016. pp. 1-6. eISSN: 2180-3722.
This paper studies a comparison of optimization algorithms to enhance temperature control method of thermal vacuum chamber (TVC) for satellite testing. The gaseous nitrogen (GN2) is used in TVC to control the temperature requirement and proportional integral derivative (PID) controller is adopted in order to realize it. From the review that has been done, the genetic algorithm (GA) is believed to be the best method that can be implemented into the temperature control system of TVC.

Atabak Kheirkhah, Salwani Mohd Daud, Noor Azurati Ahmad, Suriani Mohd Sam, Hafiza Abas, Sya Azmeela Shariff, Yusnaidi Md Yusof. “Some Intriguing High-Throughput DNA Sequence Variants Prediction Over Protein Functionality“. Jurnal Teknologi, Vol. 78, No. 6-4, 2016. pp. 1-6. eISSN: 2180-3722.
This paper intends to review computational methods and high throughput automated tools for precisely prediction various functionalities of uncharacterized proteins based on their desired DNA sequence information alone. Then proposes a hybrid weighted network and Genetic Algorithm to improve prediction purpose. n this review, we are to discuss each of them, with a different focus on operational algorithms and how to increase the accuracy of DNA sequence variants prediction.

International Conferences


Abdulqudos Y. Alnahari, Noor Azurati Ahmad, Yusnaidi Md Yusof. “Wireless Sensor Networks Based Outdoor and Indoor Positioning System (WOIPS) Featured with IoT“, Proceedings of International Conference on Imaging, Signal Processing and Communication (ICISPC 2017), pp. 153-157, July 2017. pp: 153-157. DOI: 10.1145/3132300.3132332.
This paper shows a study on developing a WSN-based outdoor and indoor positioning system (WOIPS) with MSE of 64.5cm for indoor positioning and 123.0cm for outdoor positioning and enhanced with IoT feature and the used algorithm is based on Weighted Centroid Localization.


Yusnaidi Md Yusof, A.K.M. Muzahidul Islam, Sabariah Baharun, Mohd Ghazali Hamza, Kamarul Ariffin Abdul Basit, Noor Azurati Ahmad. “An Environmental Sensing Experiment Using IEEE 802.15.4 Radio Hop of the WSN TelosB Motes“, 1st International Conference on Advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICAICT 2016). CIU, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 16-17 May 2016.
This paper demonstrates the experience explored and the observation of temperature sensing using the IEEE 802.15.4 information hopping from a sensing mote to the base station. The environmental readings are furthered reprocessed and displayed on the base station screen for analysis. The study outcome and the experience gathered from the experiment are important to help the researchers to incorporate the information display, with the use of Wireless Embedded Internet’s IPv6 and 6LoWPAN standard, to be globally accessible anywhere and at anytime.

Yusnaidi Md Yusof, A.K.M. Muzahidul Islam, Sabariah Baharun.”A Route Discovery and Selection Using TinyOS Reactive Routng in Motes Simulation“, 1st International Conference on Advanced Technology and Applied Sciences (ICATAS 2016). UTM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 6-7 Sept. 2016.
In this paper, we present our current works on observing a reactive routing using the Tymo routing protocol in TinyOS. We further examine the basics route discovery and maintenance of the protocol on nodes simulation particularly of telosb motes which we have programmed as source, target, and intermediate nodes. Our main aim is to observe basic routing behavior along the routing process, for example, data queue/dequeue, and routing table construction in the context of route construction.

Iyad H Alshami, Noor Azurati Ahmad, Shamsul Sahibuddin, Yusnaidi Md Yusof. “The Effect of People Presence on WLAN RSS is Governed by Influence Distance“, 3rd International Conference on Computer & Information Sciences (ICCOINS 2016). Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, 15-17 August 2016. pp: 197-202. DOI: 10.1109/ICCOINS.2016.7783214.
Recently, there is high demand for implementing Location Based Services (LBS) indoor. Many technologies and methods have been investigated for this issue since GPS could not prove accurate positioning indoor. Although WLAN-fingerprinting is considered as one of the most accurate IPS method, its accuracy vulnerable to WLAN RSS fluctuation. This fluctuation occurs due to the physical obstacles presence. Many research papers highlighted people’s presence near to mobile device (MD) between it and Access point (AP) as RSS attenuate factor, but it is hard to find a research paper investigated this attenuation factor as in the case of walls and ceilings. People presence effect was estimated in previous work as -5dBm on closed distance from MD but it still need a lot of investigation. This paper raises the existence of people presence influence distance as a new concept related to people presence effect.

Noriani Mohammed Noor, Kamilia Kamardin, Suriani Mohd Sam, Hafiza Abas, Nilam Nur Amir Sjarif, Yusnaidi Md Yusof, Azri Azmi. “A Study of Authentication Protocols for Security of Mobile RFID (M-RFID) System“, International Conference on Advances in Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering (ICAEES 2016). Putrajaya, Malaysia. 14-16 November 2016. pp: 339-343. DOI: 10.1109/ICAEES.2016.7888065.
M-RFID inherits all issues that exist in the traditional RFID system, for example, replay attack, denial of service, spoofing, traceability and impersonation. However the severity of these issues intensifies because M-RFID reader is used in the wireless environment with agility in movement and greater scanning zone. Therefore, many security protocols developed to support the security and privacy problems arise in M-RFID systems.

Nur Azua Rahim, Yazriwati Yahya, Siti Sophiayati Yuhaniz, Suriani Mohd Sam, Yusnaidi Yusof. “The Development of RUPiSM: A Hybrid Software Development Methodology Framework“, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (AICS 2016). Langkawi, Malaysia, 28-29 November 2016. pp: 22-32. e-ISBN 978-967-0792-11-8.
This paper proposes a hybrid SDM framework named RUPiSM. It is established by two well-known practice approaches, Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Scrum methodology, in order to emphasise the definite strengths; documentation, team communication, customer involvement, and product quality and at the same time to complement each other. It is achieved by exercising agile workflows into the preserving RUP incremental Lifecycle Iteration Pattern, while Sprints are implemented in Construction phase and the ordinary flow is applied in the rest of the phases.

Mohd. Ghazali Hamza, Liza A. Latiff, Yusnaidi Md Yusof, Yusaini H. Mohamed, M. F. Camara. “Statistical Prediction Model of Rain and Dust Storm Worst Month in Microwave-Millimeter Wave Band“, 1st International Conference on Advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICAICT 2016). CIU, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 16-17 May 2016.
In this paper, a new method of calculation of worst month in the statistical model has been developed for use in the rain and dust storm to predict the probability of exceedance are presented. eover, formula for prediction of the worst- month long-term statistics for different weather induced propagation impairments was developed. The main contribution of this study is to assist in the design of both terrestrial and space radio links using frequencies above 10 GHz in the range of microwave and millimeter wave bands.


Yusnaidi Md Yusof, A.K.M. Muzahidul Islam, Sabariah Baharun. “An Experimental Study of WSN Transmission Power Optimisation Using MICAz Motes“, 3rd International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering (ICAEE 2015). IUB, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 17-19 December 2015. DOI: 10.1109/ICAEE.2015.7506826. 2nd Best Paper Award.
Adjusting nodes positioning to satisfy the needs of network connectivity and power conservation in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is not a trivial task. Too far node distance may result in unreachable transmission while too near node distance not necessarily guarantee nodes connection. By knowing an acceptable distance range to position nodes in the networks, it can greatly help researchers to better configure settings of WSN environment, while reducing precision of readings between real WSN testbed and the simulation counterpart. This paper demonstrates a real implementation of transmission power control to assist the decision-making on nodes positioning to be used in a sensor network communication. The implementation of the study is done using the MICAz motes with a nesC programming in TinyOS in an indoor environment. Our findings suggest that to assure network connectivity, motes must not be located more than 1.18 metres distance when they are placed on the floor building and not more than 2.37 metres distance when they are situated about one metre above the floor building. Our results also indicates that the maximum length the signals can travel using maximum power 0 dBm is merely about six metres long.

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