*Editorialships & **Reviewers

* Board of Editors: Journal MATEMATIKA – 2002 – presently
* Board of Editors: Jurnal KALAM – 2008 – presently
* Editorial Board: Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry – 2014.
* Board of Editors: Journal Teknologi C – 2001 -2009
* Board of Editors: Journal of Fundamental Sciences – 2005 – 2010.
* Book Chapters in Research in Applied Mathematics (2008), A.A. Zainal (ed.) Mathematics Department, UTM Skudai, Publisher UTM Skudai, ISBN: 978-983-52-0606-1
* MATEMATIKA Special Edition Parts 1 & 2, December 2008 (for 2nd ICoMS 2007), Mathematics Department, UTM ISSN: 0127-8274
**Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A, World Applied Sciences Journal, ASM Science Journal, International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences, Journal of Porous Media, International Journal of Theoretical Physics, International Journal of the Physical Sciences, Matematika, Jurnal Teknologi C, Journal of Fundamental Sciences, Jurnal Teknikal dan Kajian Sosial, International Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies 2006, Malaysia-Japan International Symposium Advanced Technology 2007, 2nd International Conference on Mathematical Sciences 2007, 1st Regional Conference on Applied and Engineering Mathematics 2010, 2nd Regional Conference on Applied and Engineering Mathematics 2012, Technology, Science, Social Sciences And Humanities International Conference 2012 (Tesshi 2012), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Turbo Expo 2013, Walailak Journal of Science and Technology, Results in Physics, Heat Transfer – Asian Research, Journal of Theoretical & Applied Physics, British Journal of Applied Sciences & Technology, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling & Analysis, AIP Advances, Jurnal Teknologi (Science & Engineering), Journal of Hydrology, AIP Proceedings SKSM23, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Journal of Thermal Science, Journal of Environmental Management.