PhD students

* Tan Wooi Nee (PhD): ‘Theory of Bichromatic Wave Groups Amplitude
Amplification using Implicit Variational Method’ . (completed, Sem
1, 2006/07); (MMU); (with co-supervisor: N. Amin)
* Salemah Ismail (PhD): research title: “One dimensional Surface Waves
above varying bottom topography” .Sem. 2 2007/08 (completed).
(UiTM); (with co-supervisor: M.N. Mohamad)
* Dennis Ling Chuan Ching (PhD) (NSF scholar): research title:
“Mathematical modelling of seismic wave propagation”. (completed,
Sem 2 2010/11). (UTP) Anugerah PERSAMA 2012/ 2012 PERSAMA Award
* Faisal Salah Yousif Rasheed (PhD) research title: Exact Solution for
MHD Non-Newtonian Fluids in Porous Mediums with and without rotation
– Sem. 2 2011/12 (completed) (with co-supervisor: N. Amin.) (Univ.
Kordofan, Sudan).
* Saira Javed (PhD) research title: Free vibration of angle-ply
laminated cylindrical shells of variable thickness including shear
deformation theory: spline method. -Sem. 1 2010/2011 (completed)
(with main supervisor: K.K. Viswanathan)
* Leyla Ranjbari (PhD) research title: Natural gas storage modelling
based on observable gas prices. Sem. 1 2010/2011 (completed) (with
co supervisor: Arifah Bahar)
* Mojtaba Nazari (PhD) research title: Approximate analytical solution
of viscoelastic differential flow models using homotopy analysis
method. Sem. 1 2011/12 (completed) (with co-supervisor: Faisal Salah
* Mohammadreza Askaripour Lahiji (PhD) research title: Numerical
integration of certain semi-linear partial differential equations.
Sem. 2 2010/11 (completed) (with co-supervisor: Allahyarham
Nazeeruddin Yaacob)
* Hero Waisi Salih (PhD) research title: Limit cycles and Dynamical
Systems. Sem. 1 2011/2012 (completed)
* Sara Zergani (Phd) research title: Mathematical Modelling of Tsunami
Wave using Lattice Boltzmann Method. Sem. 2 2011/2012.
(co-supervisor: K.K. Viswanathan) (completed)

* Shaymaa Mustafa (PhD), research title. “Groundwater Modelling”, Sem.
1 2013/14 (co-supervisor: Arifah Bahar, Saim Suratman) (completed)

* Mahad Ayem (PhD): research title: “Nonlinear elasticity” Sem 2
2007/08. (with main supervisor: M. Isa, M.H.B.M. Shariff ) (completed)

* Amber Nehan Kashif (PhD), research title: “Pressure Gradient on Convective Heat Transfer for Maxwell. Eyring-Powell and Casson Fluids ”, Sem. 2 2012/13 (with co-supervisor: Faisal Salah Yousif Rasheed, M.I. A. Aziz) (completed)

*Nurul Izyan Mat Daud (PhD), research title: “Vibration of laminated
shells filled with and without fluid”, Sem. 2 2013/14 (with main
supervisor: K.K. Viswananthan) (completed)

* Nor Hafizah Ahmad Kailani (PhD), research title: “Vibration and
buckling of composite laminated plates and shells”, Sem. 2 2013/14
(with main supervisor: K.K. Viswanathan) (completed)

* Yahaya Shagaiya Daniel (PhD), research title: “MHD boundary layer
flow of a nanofluid with convective heat transfer”, Sem 2 2015/16
(co-supervisor: Faisal Salah Yousif Rasheed, Zuhaila Ismail) (completed)

* Vincent Daniel David (PhD), research title: “Mathematical Modelling
of Tsunami Waves”, Sem. 1 2012/13 (completed)

*Kashif Bin Zaheer, (PhD), research title: “Financial Modelling of
Portfolio Management”, Sem. 2 2012/13 (with main-supervisor: Mohd
Ismail Abd Aziz) (completed)

Current PhD students (2017)
* Seyed Soheil (PhD) research title: Integrable Systems .Sem 2
2008/09. (terminated)
* Teng Lie Siang (PhD), research title: Seismic, Acousto-Gravitational
Waves. Sem. 1 2011/12. (with co-supervisor: C.C. Dennis Ling, Arifah Bahar)
* Vahid Barati (PhD), research title: “Nonlinear Waves and New HAM”,
Sem. 1 2012/13 (terminated)
* Farah Suraya Nasruddin (PhD), research title: “Nonlinear PDE and
HPM”, Sem. 2 2012/13 (co-supervisor: Faisal Salah Yousif Rasheed)
* Shafaruniza Mahadi (PhD), research title: “Nonlinear PDE and
Numerical Schemes”, Sem.1 2013/14 (co-supervisor: Faisal Salah
Yousif Rasheed, Yeak Su Hoe)
* Fawzia (PhD), research title, “Nonlinear PDE and Adomian Method”,
Sem. 1 2013/14 (co-supervisor: Faisal Salah Yousif Rasheed, Arifah Bahar)

*K.Karthik (PhD), research title:“Free Vibration of Cross-Ply Laminated Plates under Higher Order Shear Theory”, Sem 1 2017/2018 (with K.K. Viswanathan, Zuhaila Ismail) (terminated)