Master students

* Fazlina Aman (M.Sc), research title: ‘Multidimensional solitons’.
Commencing Semester 1 Session 1999/2000 and terminated on 18-4-2000.
* Ng Tee Seng (M.Sc), research title : ‘Kaedah Mudah bagi
menyelesaikan Satu Kelas Persamaan Gelombang Tidak Linear
Berkepentingan Fizikal’. Sem. 2 2000/01 (completed).
* Loo Bee Wah (M.Sc), research title: ‘Chaotic Hamiltonian System:
Dynamics in a Billiard System’. Sem. 2 2000/01 (completed).
* Tiong Kung Ming (M.Sc), research title: ’On the Splitting of a
Solitary Wave Propagating over a Slowly Varying Topography’. Sem. 2
2001/02 (completed).
* Tan Siew Eng (M.Sc), research title: ‘Mathematical Modelling of
Optical Soliton Transmission’.Sem. 2 2005/06 (completed).
* Norhafizah Mohd Sarif (M.Sc), research title: ‘Mathematical
Modelling for the Nonlinear Mechanism of Tsunami Wave Generation’.
Sem. 2 2005/06 (completed)
* Zunaidah Sabudin (MSc Physics, co-supervisor) Sem 1 2005/06 (and
terminated on Sem 1. 2008/09).
* Annie a/p Gorgey (MSc)) research title: ‘The use of Riemann-Hilbert
Problem in Solving the KdV Equation’, Sem 2. 2006/07 (completed).
* Mohd Anuar Jamaludin (MSc) research title: ‘Numerical Schemes for
Tsunami Modelling’, Sem 1. 2007/08 (terminated Dec. 2007)
* Dennis Ling Chuan Ching (MSc): research title: ‘Seismic Modelling in
Petroleum exploration’. Sem 2 2007/08. (completed)
* Nurul Hidayah (MSc) research title: ‘Thermal Buckling of Composite
Plates’ Sem 2 2008/09. (completed)
* Chia Chee Pen (MSc) research title: ‘Hirota Bilinear Method’ Sem 2
2009/10. (completed)
* Farah Suraya Nasruddin (MSc) research title: Painleve Analysis on
Nonlinear Evolution Equations Sem 2 2009/10 (completed)
* Shafa (MSc), research title: Solving Beams Problems Using Green
Function Sem 22009/10 (completed)
* Nadzmi (MSc), research title: Modelling of run-off flood water, Sem
1 2010/11 (terminated)
* Sara Zergani(MSc), research title: Analytical Solutions and Lattice
Boltzmann Method on SWE, Sem 2 2010/11 (completed)
* NorNadiah Kamarudin (MSc), research title: Mathematical Modelling
of Water Pollutant Transport, Sem 2 2010/11 (completed)
* Muna Maryam Azmy (MSc), research title: Water Quality Modelling
Using Mathematical Formulation in QUAL2E, Sem 2 2010/11 (completed)
* Nurul Syazwani Mohd Affandi (MSc), research title: Analytical
Solution of Contaminant Transport in Streams , Sem 2 2010/11 (completed)
* Hanafi Ithnin (MSc Res. (Physics), main supervisor: Ahmad Radzi Isa)
research title: Static Electric Field in the Vicinity of a Quantum
Dot Sem 2 2009/10. (completed)
* Nur Farhana Che Mansor (MSc Res.), research title: Modelling of
run-off flood water, Sem 1 2011/12 (terminated)
* Noraslinda Ali (MSc Res.), research title: Hirota Method and Sato
Tau Function, Sem 12010/11. (completed)
* Nurellimia (MSc), research title: River pollution in Skudai River.
Sem. 2 2011/12 (completed)
* Syariffuddin (MSc), research title: River pollution with EM. Sem. 2
2011/12 (completed)
* Nurra Mahadi (MSc Res.), research title: Mathematical Modelling of
River Pollution by Determining the Level of DO and Pollutants, Sem 2
2010/11. (completed)
*Syazwani Mohd Zokri (MSc). Research title: River Pollution with EM
via HAM. Sem 2 2012/13 (completed)

* Yahaya Shagaiya Daniel (MSc) Research title: Effects of pressure
gradient on steady forced convection using HAM. Sem 1 2013/14.

*Tan Jun Siang (MSc) Research title: Mathematical Modelling of Magnetorheological Fluid Damper in the Semi-active Suspension System. Sem 1 2016/17. (completed) (with K.K. Viswananthan)

* Wan Nur Intan Ashiqin bt Wan Ismail (MSc), research title: “HPM in solving nonlinear heat conduction and convection equations”, April 2017 (completed)

* NorHusna (MSc) (Sem. 2 2014/15) (co-supervisor: Arifah Bahar) (terminated)
K. Karthik (MSc), research title “Free Vibration of Cross-Ply Laminated Plates under First Order Shear Theory “, (with  K.K. Viswanathan) October 2016 (completed)