Research Grants

RESEARCH GRANTS (Project Leader)

* Mathematical Modelling of Surface Waves : Oct. 2000 – Feb. 2004;
IRPA Grant Vot. No. 72359, RM 35,150.
* The Exact Connection between Feynman Integral and a Completely
Integrable System. 2004 – 2005 RMC Fundamental Grant Vot No 75086,
RM 20,000.
* Mathematical Modelling of Tsunami Wave Generation. 2007-2009 MOHE
Fundamental Research Grant, Vot. No. 78082, RM 41,000
* Nonlinear Transversely Isotropic Constitutive Equation for Passive
and Active Soft Tissues. Nov. 2008-Oct. 2010 MOHE Fundamental
Research Grant, Vot. No. 78333, RM 61,000 (with Assoc. Prof. Dr
Mukheta Isa)
* Mathematical Modelling of Nonlinear Effects of Seismic Waves. Nov.
2009-Oct. 2011MOHE Fundamental Research Grant, Vot. No. 78485, RM 32,000
* Modelling and Analysis of MHD Flows of Some Non Newtonian Fluids in
Porous Medium Sept 2010-Nov 2012 MOHE Fundamental Research Grant,
Vot. No.78675, RM 59,000
* Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM) for solving on MHD rotating Flows of
Some Non Newtonian Fluids Research University Grant (RUG) May
2012-April 2013, RM 30,000 Vot. No. 05J13 (PY/2011/02329)

RESEARCH GRANTS (Research Member)

* Mathematical Modelling of Free Convective Heat Transfer in
Micropolar Fluids IRPA 8th Malaysia Plan Project, 2001-2004, Vot.
No. 74046, RM 79,000.(Leader: N. Amin)
* Mathematical Modelling of Low-Gravity Fluid Flows and Heat Transfer
Scientific Advancement Grant Allocations (SAGA), Dec. 2004 -2007, RM
94,200.(Leader: N.Amin)
* Free Vibration of Anti-symmetric Angle-ply Laminated Cylindrincal
and Conical Shells with Variable Thickness, (GUP) March 1, 2011 –
Feb 29, 2012, RM 30,000. (Leader: K.K. Viswanathan)
* Flexural Free Vibration of Symmetric and Anti-symmetric Angle-ply
Laminated Circular Plates of VariableThickness Including Shear
Deformation Theory, (GUP) May 1, 2012 – April 30, 2013. RM 31,800
(Leader: K.K. Viswanathan) Vot. No. / Reference No. : PY/2011/02418
* Determination Of Constitutive Model For Soft Tissues Using Physical
Interpretation Parameters (GUP) May 1, 2012 – April 30, 2013. RM
40,000. (Leader: B.A. Mahad) Vot No. / Reference No. :
* The Modelling and Simulation of Quantum Nanostructures for SET
(Single-Electron Transistors) Top-Down IRPA Research Programme
RMK-8, Aug 2004 – July 2007, RM 11.3 million (Leader: S. Sakrani)
Grant Code: 09-02-06-0159-SR0000
* Static Electric Field Study in the Vicinity of Quantum Dot. MOHE
Fundamental Research Grant, 2009-2011. RM 42,000. (Leader: A.R. Mat Isa)

Research Collaboration

* “Tsunami Early Warning System” (2013) – Department of Fundamental
and Applied Sciences, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (with Dennis
Ling, C.C. et al.)