Completed Projects

1. Automated Facility Layout Design (INTEL).

2. Capacitated Multisource Weber Problem with Zone-Dependent Fixed Cost.

3. Airlines On-Time Performance Through Integrated Aircraft Routing and Crew Scheduling.

4. Cost Effectiveness Analysis Of The Drug Therapy Administered On Ischemic Stroke Patient.

5. Development Of Heuristic Methods based On Genetic Algorithm (GA) For Solving Vehicle Routing Problem.

6. Modelling Neural Tabu Search for Combinatorial Optimization Problems.

7. Analysis of Green Supply Chain Performance Using Ant Colony.

8. Non-Linear and Non-Gaussian State-Space Models for Time Series Analysis: Model Formulation and State Inference.

9. Mathematical Modeling of Tumor Cells Growth by Fuzzy-Time Delay Differential Equations.

10. Development of Models For The Optimal Urban Planning Based on Geographical and Land Price Characteristics.

11. Conformal Mapping Software for Medical Image Processing using Integral Equations with Generalized Neumann Kernel

12. Kautz graph characterization of multicolumn channels and switches for optimal channel assignments in cellular network systems.

13. The Applications of Metaheuristics in Inventory Routing Problems.

14. Stochastic Model for Groundwater Transport Flow in Peninsular Malaysia.

15. Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) of non-Newtonian blood flow in coronary artery with irregular stenosis.

16. Ecosystem Optimization Model for FRIM and MARDI Problems.

17. Modelling and Optimization of Product Related to Clay for Cleansing Method in lslam.

18. A coupled hydrologic-hydraulics model to simulate the flood extents and dept in Kelantan River Basin.

19. Integrated Model For Continuous Berth Allocation Problem and Quay Crane Scheduling With Non Crossing Constraint.

20. Simultaneously Solving Line Balancing and Models Sequencing Problems for Mixed-model Two Sided Assembly Line using Meta-heuristics.

21. Hybrid PV/ Wind Turbine/ Battery System towards Net Zero Energy Building using Genetic Algorithm.

22. Queing Analysis and Optimization in Healthcare Operation.

23. Non-stationary Return Periods of Floods in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia due to Climate Change.

24. Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Flood Variables Using Copula in Kelantan River Basin.

25. Online Scheduling in Parallel Processor System.

26. Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Parameter Estimation in Non-linear Non-Gaussian State-space Models with Applications to Biomedical Signal Processing.

27. CTPS Skills among Malaysian Graduates: UTM Case Study.

28. Modelling: Mathematical Innovation Led Economy.

29. Green Sustainable Technology – Bioconservation of Giant Clam.

30. Kajian Tentang Minat Pelajar Sekolah Menengah Terhadap Topik Indeks Dan Logarithma.

31. Mengkaji Keberkesanan Program Pengukuhan Matematik Tambahan Pelajar Tingkatan 4 (Pembezaan).

32. Kolokium Kebangsaan Pendidik Sains, Teknologi, Kejuruteraan Matematik (KKPSTEM) 2016 Peringkat Negeri Johor.

33. Detection of VOC from Ganoderma Boninense.

34. The Application of Metaheuristic in Inventory Routing Problem.