PhD students


1. Raja Rajeswari a/p Ponnusamy (PhD in Mathematics). Modelling Large Sequential Unequal Facility Layout Problem with Improved Simulated Annealing Solution. Status: Graduated.

2. Ting Chee Ming (PhD in Mathematics). Non-linear Non-Gaussian State-Space Modeling of Non-stationary Time Series: Application to Biomedical signal. Status: Graduated.

3. Rashidah Ahmad (PhD in Mathematics). Simulation-Based Algorithm for Stochastic Job Shop Scheduling.
Status: Graduated.

4. Nurul Farihan Mohamed (PhD in Mathematics). Airline On-Time Performance with Integrated Aircraft Routing and Crew Pairing. Status: On going.

5. Abdulqader Othman Hamad Ameen (PhD in Mathematics). Improved Two-Phase Solution Strategy For Multiobjective Fuzzy Stochastic Linear Programming Problems With Uncertain Probability Distribution. Status: Graduated.

6. Azyanzuhaila Hasan Basri (PhD in Mathematics). Integrated Berth Allocation and Quay Crane Scheduling Problem with Non-crossing Constraint. Status: Ongoing.

7. Rozieana Khairuddin (PhD in Mathematics). Warehouse Redesign Network. Status: Ongoing.

8. Tan Yu Ting (PhD in Mathematics). Bottleneck Analysis in Healthcare Operation. Status: Ongoing.

9. Nur Aisyah Omar (PhD in Mathematics). Multi-Objective Linear Programming Model In Forestry Stand Management Planning. Status: Ongoing.

10. Ahmad Zharif Salami Mohd. Taha (PhD in Mathematics). Optimization model of Oil and Gas Pipeline Maintenance. Status: Ongoing.

11. Nur Intan Liyana Mohd. Azmi (PhD in Mathematics). Hybrid Flowshop Scheduling With Stochastic Resource Constrained. Status: Ongoing.

12. Chinyere Ogochukwu Dike (PhD in Mathematics). Use of Few Statistical Tests KolmogorovSmirnov and ChiSquare on the Analysis of Waiting Time at the Hospital. Status : Graduated.

13. Rasvini A/P Rajendran (PhD in Mathematics).Game-Theoretic Approach In Identifying Epilepsy Symptomatic Patients Requiring. Status : Ongoing.

13. Aswani Binti Ibrahim (PhD in Mathematics). An Optimization Zone-based Model for Flood Evacuation Planning. Status : Ongoing.


1. Tarmizi Ismail (PhD in Civil Engineering). Optimal Operation Of Multi-Source Reservoir System. Status: Graduated.

2. Norshela Binti Mohd Noh. (PhD in Mathematics). Improved forecast method for oil refinery profit margin. Status : Ongoing.