Master students


1. Nurul Nadia Nordin (MSc in Mathematics). Mathematical Modelling and Hybrid Heuristic for Unequal Size Facility Layout Problem and Its Multiple-Document Interface. Status: Graduated.

2. Geethampari A/P Subamaniam (MSc in Mathematics). Aggregate planning for stochastic demand with attrition for multi product in multi period. Status: Ongoing.

3. Rasvini A/P Rajendran (MSc in Mathematics). Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Drug Therapy Administered on Ischemic Stroke Patients. Status: On going.

4. Nurhidayu Binti Idris (MSc in Mathematics). Integrated Berth Allocation and Quay Crane Scheduling Problem with Non-crossing Constraint. Status: Ongoing.


1. Lim Kian Boon (MSc in Mathematics). Equal-Area Facility Layout Using Variants of Simulated Annealing and Their Graphical User Interface. 2006.

2. Mardziah Mohd. Lokoman (MSc in Mathematics). Solving Obnoxious Facility Location Problem Using Simulated Annealing. 2006.

3. Rozieana Khairuddin (MSc in Mathematics). Application of Simulated Annealing in Solving Capacitated Continuous Location-Allocation Problem. 2006.

4. Tolhah Abdullah (MSc in Mathematics). Application of Simulated Annealing in Solving Uncapacitated Continuous Location-Allocation Problem With Zone-Dependent Fixed Cost. 2007.

5. W. Nurfahizul Ifwah W. Alias (MSc in Mathematics). Genetic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Backhauls. 2007.

6. Azila Md. Sudin (MSc in Mathematics). Constructive Heuristics for Solving Uncapacitated Multisource Weber Problem With Zone-Dependent Fixed Cost. 2007.

7. Lim Yee Chea (MSc in Mathematics). Implementation of Simulated Annealing in Unit Selection for Malay Text-to-Speech System. 2009.

8. Si Tong Yong (MSc in Mathematics). Measuring Efficiency of Practicum Supervision at Sarawak Teachers Training Institute Using Data Envelopment Analysis. 2011.

9. Tuan Mariam Tuan Mahmud (MSc in Mathematics). Simulated Annealing Approach in Solving The Minimax Problem with Fixed Line Barrier. 2012.

10. Nurfarhani Mohd. Shabri (MSc in Mathematics). Genetic Approach Approach in Solving The Minisum Problem with Fixed Line Barrier. 2012.

11. Gan Siew Ling (MSc in Mathematics). Stochastic Linear Programming with Fuzzy Linear Partial Information on Probability Distribution. 2013.

12. Nurul Husna Binti Abdul Rahman (MSc in Mathematics). Selection of Cashintransit Service By Using Application Of Analytic Hierarcy Process AHP. Status : Graduated.

13. Faieznur Binti Mohd Razali (MSc in Mathematics). AHP Method and Electre I Method in Assessment of Varians of Urban Public Transport in Klang Valley. Status : Graduated.

14. Muhammad Fahmi bin Mohd Shukor (MSc in Mathematics). Aircraft Sequencing Problem Solving by Using Simulated Annealing Method. Status : Graduated.