Undergraduate Final Year Projects


1. Nurul Husna Bt. Ibrahim. Penggunaan Pengoptimuman dalam Penyelenggaraan Pencegahan. 1999.

2. Lim Kian Boon. Single and Multi-Source Uncapacitated Continuous Minisum Location Problem. 2004.

3. Richard Ling Leh Hui. Variable Neighbourhood Search Heuristic for Uncapacitated Continuous Location-Allocation Peoblem. 2005.

4. Lee Hui Wen. Tabu Search Heuristic for Uncapacitated Continuous Location-Allocation Problem. 2005.

5. Tew Yen Ying. Genetic Algorithm Heuristic for Multi-facility Uncapacitated Continuous Location-Allocation Problem. 2005.

6. Idayuwati Mohd. Arif @ Rahmat. Project Management With Program Evaluation And Review Technique (PERT). 2005.

7. Chong Sook Peng. Application of Cooperative Game Theory in Allocating Unit Start-Up Cost. 2006.

8. Featiazra Ramli. Application of Goal Programming in Workers Allocation At Felcra Seri Bandi. 2006.

9. Ng Siew Yin. Solving Uncapacitated Single Allocation p-Hub Median Problem Using Simulated Annealing. 2007.

10. Wan Zuki Azman Wan Muhamad. Project Management with Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Linear Programming (LP). 2007.

11. Norafifah Husin. Dynamic Multiperiod Production Planning Problem with Semi-Markovian Variable Cost using Stochastic Dynamic Programming. 2007.

12. Ang Yee Woon. Solving Unconstrained Optimization Using Tabu Search Hooke and Jeeves Algoithm . 2008.

13. Hamidah Sepie. Analysis of A Queuing System with Several Servers in Series. 2008.

14. Seah Soh Teng. Inventory Management of Obsolete Good with Discounted Cost and Obsolescence. 2008.

15. Azimah Mohd. Insertion Heuristic Algorithm for Solving The Hazardous Materials Transportation Problem with Time Windows. 2008.

16. Lau Wan Jing. An EOQ Model with Process Reliability Considerations. 2009.

17. Siti Nashrah Sabarudin. Johnson’s Rule in Solving Flow Shops Scheduling Problems. 2009.

18. Nuryasmin Wahida Hamil. Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach for Solving Multi-Objective Job-Shop Scheduling Problem. 2009.

19. Law Meng Keong. Application of VAM, SVAM and GVAM for Unbalanced Transportation Problem. 2009.

20. Khoo Yi Theng. Goal Programming Formulation and Application of Sequential Linear Goal Programming in Educational Planning Problem. 2009.

21. Norhayati Minhat. Health Centre Location. 2010.

22. Asiah Azlan. Multi-objective Shortest Path Problem Analysis Using Djikstra Algorithm. 2010.

23. Rasvini A/P Rajendran. Goal Programming Model and Solution of Manpower Planning in Military. 2011.

24. Siti Nadzirah Nazri Rosham. Transportation Model to Minimize The Production-Inventory Cost with Dynamic Deterministic Demand. 2011

25. Nurul Liyana Abdul Aziz. An Integer Linear Programming Approach for Solving Constrained Shortest Route Problem on Wastewater Treatment Process. 2011.

26. Khadijah Aq ilah Sallehudin. Vehicle Routing with Time Window: UTM Bus Service. 2014.