Active Learning 2.0

Change is your friend, not your foe; change is a brilliant opportunity to grow.” —Simon T. Bailey

SEAA2912 Water Treatment 2020/21 Sem 01

Storytelling Through Videos’ Presentation

The students were required to produce their own video to summarize their water pollution issue

Peer Assessment Using Padlet

The padlet apps is an online interactive platform to stimulate the students to work together & continuous exchange of ideas/solutions when dealing with a problem solving.
Each group posted their solutions together in the padlet so that they can also discuss on the answers

Peer Assessment Using Miro Apps

The students are introduced with Miro Apps whereas an active platform to unable them to share & ‘walk ‘ freely through the wall among their peers. Also, they can leave a comment/question afterwards.
Group of students submitted their work in the Miro. The purpose was to encourage the students to engage between each others & discuss the topic (assignment) to increase more of their understanding towards the subject.