Active Learning 1.0


SKAB2912 Water Treatment Class (2019/2020 Sem 01)

Sharing usage of ““. Topics about “water sources”. Based on the slideshow, students are asked to visit the website & enter the given code number. Next, the question will appear & students will be asked to enter one possible answer. Prior to that, the instructor had to log in to the website by google account to create their own questions & display types provided by ?

~ A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words ~

After 20 min of the lecture, I have got this idea to reduce the ‘boringness’ between the students for only hearing me out. By using a simple PowerPoint slide, post several pictures related to the topic that will trigger them to think and involve actively in class. Make sure afterward you explain the objective and outcome of this activity. Also, please do set the duration (5-10 min) so that it will not take up your lecture time.

E.g.: Step 1 – Display the slides + picture + guideline (Go to & Code No.) > Step 2 – Let the student type their answer using their handphone > Step 3 – Show the full screen display to your class > Step 4 – Discuss the outcome of your activity

The bigger the word meaning the most popular answer 🙂


~ Two heads are better than one ~

Students write and discuss their ideas with a partner before sharing them with the larger group. This gives students the opportunity to thoughtfully respond to questions in written form and to engage in meaningful dialogue with other students about these issues.

Students paired up to discuss on the topic
After brainstorming between their partners, they need to share their ideas to the class