Implementation “JIGSAW” in class

First attempt applying ‘jigsaw’ in my first SPACE class ?..simple topic to review back what the overall water treatment process all about..divided them into one group, assigned specific topic for each individual, grouped them into “experts” group & do some peer to peer discussion & lastly regroup them back to further explain to their group members what they understand. ?

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STEM@SMK Nusajaya-Activity on Teaching & Learning about “Sustainable Environment”

This project is partly one of STEM Mentor-Mentee program, which was funded by ACS. The group target is a group of 50 students (mentees) from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Nusajaya, Johor. The scope of this project focuses on educating and exposing the basic concept of environmental sustainability among the secondary school students.  The module emphasis on the main elements of environmental sustainability as well as the important of sustainable environment for a better way and survivability of life. The module also incorporated aspects of collaborative culture, critically and creatively think, and foster environmental responsibility for future generations’ sustainability. This module implemented several ways in disseminating knowledge and information.  The first activities involved flipped classroom activity where involve videos watching.  Second activity requires the students (mentee) to conduct discussion on the poster design and sketching the desired sustainable city.  The last activities of this module involve a group presentation.  The event was held on 13th of July 2019. For the development and design of Sustainable City, the students were divided into 3-4 persons per group.  The students were given a specific time for group discussion n designing the sustainable city.  A group of postgraduate students were also involved in this program where they were assigned as the instructor (mentor) to assist the secondary school student (mentee) throughout the program. A set of primary and post questionnaire are given to the mentor and mentee in order to analysed and assessed the outcomes of this project.  Both sets of questionnaires were analysed.  Based on the results of the questionnaires, it shows better understanding on the concept of sustainable environment have been obtained among the students.  Through the conducted activities, the mentees have shown good respond.  They are able to obtain new knowledge and enjoy participating in the prepared program.

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PHASE II : STEM-Water Treatment Project @ SMK Nusajaya, Gelang Patah

Assalam to all,

Based on the continuation of our STEM activity (Water Treatment), the SMK Nusajaya students (mentees) were given the opportunity to visit our prestigious laboratory.  To increase the students’ interest in STEM, the students were exposed to lab facilities/equipment and attend a research talk associated with water treatment. For the second phase, in demonstrating the activity of knowledge transfer, the previous students were enquired to teach their juniors in designing, building and testing a complete water filtration treatment system. Below were some videos (interview of one participants) and pictures were taken during the activity:



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Before I graduated my PhD, it was my dream to become an educator or academician Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) like my parents. Throughout the years, my whole life was exposed to the lifestyle routine of educators. Even when my father continued his study overseas, I valued the sacrifice of a mother who worked hard and manages at the same time raising two cute children (me and my little brother) for more than four years. Life was rough in those days but my parents were amazingly tolerant with their ability to fill up our life with love and happiness.

“Alhamdulillah, I was very blessed and grateful”

After I graduated, I got the opportunity to start my first career as a lecturer at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Pagoh. Over there, many new experiences and knowledge that I gained especially about the ups and downs world of an academician.

Presently, I am ‘celebrating’ my one-year appointment as an academician in UTM. It was a dream come true to work in UTM. Yet, it was a “big change” in my career as high fulfilments were targeted by the university especially when it comes to the key performance index (KPI). “Well, as life becomes more challenging, our life must go on”. I believe that everyone has their own way of finding their inner peace but for myself, I find it through Allah S.W.T and Islam. Many quotes in the Quran that will help guide us, as one example:

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear”

This means that regardless of the situation, Allah S.W.T. is choosing to test you with that challenge because He knows that you can get through it. He believes that you are strong enough. Thus, I trust in that, trust in that strength that Allah S.W.T gave me and hopefully will never lose my soul in carrying out my responsibility as an educator.

During my first year here, to survive academia as an educator and a researcher is exciting but terrifying.  Plus, the needs to obtain research grants and publish impact journals are quite challenging during this present day. Besides, consultation work and community engagement are also a must for each academic staffs. And personally, in my opinion, finding the time to fit in all the preparation, teaching and marking alongside actively involved in research was sometimes represent a challenge.

However, I was grateful again because of having a lot of help and advice from my seniors and previous supervisors in adjusting myself to the UTM academic system. Moreover, by attending several the UTMlead coursework and seminar such as the BC4DCP and supervision courses, my understanding towards the mission, vision and goals of UTM have become clearer and realistic.

Based on my previous and present working experiences as a lecturer, I try to plan ways to nourish my self-esteem at my workplace. As a starting point, the development of my teaching philosophy is very important as said by one of UTM best educator named Prof. Dr. Yeo Kee Jiar. In order to sustain my soul in academia, I would set my philosophy as a guide to keep a positive work environment and effective work relationships.  

When I think about my role as an academician, my main goal is to develop and facilitate the students’ interest in learning besides transferring the knowledge to them. For that reason, I want to highlight the significance of an active learning approach as a teaching and learning “culture” during this 21st-century education. One of the important characteristics of this approach is the learners’ own initiatives and responsibilities for their own progress. To promote a good outcome, the opportunity needs to be properly structured.

Also, I believe that student engagement is the key to positive motivation which will improve the behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively involvement in academic learning activities. This type of engagement will demonstrate the students’ effort, experience positive behaviour and emotion in the classroom. The impact of an academician role in promoting effective engagement and motivation is vital for the students.

“As the academician’s enjoyment and confidence in teaching will be associated with the positive outcomes of the students.”

To soar my way further, I would make sure my relationships between UTM staffs as well as other people are in good condition. This will also lead to great networking in terms of surviving and create long term connections between each other to enhance my academic career. Of course, trust and sincerity play a significant role to make this a reality. I would also give my best through the mentor-mentee program initiated by UTM to gain intangible knowledge from our senior lecturer who is total experts in their field. In shaa Allah. Furthermore, I will try my best to help others in needs as I believe of what our prophet, Muhammad S.A.W said:

“Whoever help ease someone in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this world and in the hereafter”

Therefore, we should use our physical and material means as well as other means such as our reputation and authority to help those in need. When we do this, we will find the most blessed of things, Allah as our helper.

Lastly, I truly believe that to anchor and achieve something successful in our work or daily life, I need to become a realistic optimist person. In short, a personality that links to “success” and “happiness”. I will try to recognize the need to think mindfully. When everything is well prepared and organized, I need to aware of the risks and plans for mitigation. It was said that such a state stimulates our confidence level, which then leads to an increased optimistic outlook on the success rate. Other than that, being realistic and optimistic at the same time will also help me to stay calm and collected even in times of crisis. Amin Ya Allah Ya Mujib.

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“Becoming a Realistic Optimists”

  • Build positive attitude + honest evaluation
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Don’t obsess on unpleasant events
  • Contribute positively toward someone else’s life
  • Humor
  • Create healthy self-care
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“1st Mentor-Mentee Program @ SMK Nusajaya, Gelang Patah”

Image result for STEM

Alhamdulillah finished 1st time Mentor-Mentee Program between UTM-Tenaga, Sains, Teknologi, Alam Sekitar & Perubahan Iklim (MESTECC) starting this March 2019. 

This STEM program aims the secondary school students inspire students to love science and math as well as to expose them to the impact scientific applications have on our world 🙂

Several modules will be introduce during this program with the help of our mentors (postgraduate students) which will be monitored by the lecturers.

Hope that the whole program will be ease.

In shaa Allah…

MODULE 1: Water Sense (9th March 2019)

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“Kahoot – Make Learning More Interactive”

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First time trying gamification (fun learning technology) with the students..not bad..the students said it was exciting..there was one of them use “dean of civil engineering” as a nickname ????..anyway lets kahoot ??..Alhamdulillah

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“Poster Problem Solving – Peer to Peer Learning”

Implementing poster in classroom ?

Posters provide an opportunity to pair visual learning with textbook reading, lecture, and traditional homework assignments.

They work out their tutorials’ solutions on posters, explain & discuss each poster to their friends. Something like a “mini poster conference”.

Great jobs guys & thank u for the co-operation ??????


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“Mind Mapping Apps in Class – Organize Your Thoughts”

Brainstorming & summarizing the students’ ideas based on wastewater topic using mind mapping apps ??
This app can be downloaded free through google store.
Some examples of apps used were “Xmind”, “Simple Mind Free”, “Mindly” e.t.c

Related image

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