PhD students


1. Amir Hossein Pakshir.
Title    : Influence of Rainfall on Roundabout Capacity and Their Implication for gap Acceptance
Role    : Co-supervisor
Status : Completed (April 2015)

2. Izzul bin Ramli.
Title : Studies on Parking Generation at Expressway Rest Areas in Southern Peninsular Malaysia
Role : Co-supervisor

3. Tareq Mohammed Ali Al-Bahr
Title : Assessment of Effect of Geometric and Traffic Parameters on Speed Flow Relationship in Urban Roads
Role : Co-supervisor

4. Sudesh Nair a/l Baskara.
Title : Investigations on pavement properties related to Malaysian weather condition and road accidents
Role : Co-supervisor

5. Abdul Razak bin Ali (PKA153010)
Title : Parking Generation at Government Hospitals in Peninsular Malaysia
Role : Main-supervisor

6. Noor Shazreen binti A. Rahman
Title : Pedestrian Travel Pattern in Urban Environment
Role : Co-supervisor

7. Eisa Alenzi
Title : Effects of Climates on Driver’s Car Following Behaviour and Speed Flow Relationships for Highways in Kuwait
Role : Co-supervisor

8. Shaza Farouq Azhari Hassan
Title : Modeling Roundabout Capacity and Delay Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
Role : Co-supervisor

9. Haydar Ataelmanan
Title : Overtaking Behaviour
Role : Co-supervisor