This is one of the compulsory courses which will expose students to the fundamental theory of traffic engineering.  The main content of the course provides students with the fundamental theory of traffic flow and management.  Major topics include drivers’ behaviour and interactions, fundamental theory of speed–flow–density relationships and applications in road performance analysis, traffic studies, design of traffic signal control system, and highway geometric design.


By the end of the course, students should be able to :

COCourse Learning OutcomesProgramme Outcome(s)Taxonomies and Soft- SkillsCPCAKPAssessment Methods
CO1Use appropriate technique to analyse the fundamental theories of traffic flow.PO2C3, P2, A3CP2KP1A,T,Q,F
CO2Carry out, analyse and design the collections of data for traffic design purposes.PO2C4, P2, A3KP2A,T,Q,F
CO3Design, evaluate and analyse traffic control systems at intersections and highway geometry layouts for safe and efficient management of traffic.PO2C5, A3CP2KP5A,T,Q,F
CO4Solve complex problem by investigation and integration of knowledge in traffic engineering.PO4CTPS2, CTPS3A

Note :  (T – Test ; PR – Project ; Q – Quiz; A – Assignment ; Pr – Presentation; F – Final Exam)


No.Teaching and Learning ActivitiesStudent Learning Time (hours)
1Face-to-Face Learning
a. Lecturer-Centered Learning
i. Lecture28
b. Student-Centered Learning (SCL)
i. Laboratory / Tutorial
ii. Student-centered learning activities – Active Learning, Project Based Learning6
2Self-Directed Learning
a. Non-face-to-face learning or student-centered learning (SCL) such as manual, assignment, module, e-Learning, etc.18
b. Revision10
c. Assessment Preparations12
3Formal Assessment
a. Continuous Assessment4
b. Final Exam2
Total (SLT)80


  1. Lecture and Discussion
  2. Co-operative Learning
  3. Independent Study
  4. Group Assignment/Project
  5. Outside Visit

2015 2016 (semester 2) :Download Here

2016 2017 (semester 1) : Download Here

2016 2017 (semester 2) : Download Here

2017 2018 (semester 1): Download Here

2017 2018 (semester 1): Space Ipoh

2017 2018 (semester 2): Download Here

2018 2019 (semester 1): Download Here

2018 2019 (semester 2): Download Here

2018 2019 (semester 2): Inbound Mobility Program UNISULLA-UTM

Video of Conflict Points at Unsignalised Junctions: Video