PhD students


1Usman Shehu RabiuPKA203031On-goingRoad Traffic Congestion Classification
2Tijjani Abdulganiyu OlukayodePKA203033On-goingEffects of Road Traffic on People’s Health, Safety and Environment Along Abuja-Kano Highway, Nigeria
3Muhammad Azam ZahourPKA193027On-goingImpact of Autonomous Vehicles on Traffic Operations Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions
4Hamizah Amalina binti AmlanPKA193022On-goingVulnerability Assessment of Urban Road Network in Cases of Natural Disaster
5Haydar Ataelmanan Ali MohamedPKA173075On-goingLane Changing Behaviour Modeling on Motorway
6Shaza Farouq Azhari HassanPKA173026Submitted and waiting for vivaModeling Roundabout Capacity And Delay Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
7Eisa AlenziPKA163048On-goingEffects of Climates on Driver’s Car Following Behavior and Speed Flow Relationships for Highways in Kuwait
8Abdul Razak bin AliPKA153010GraduatedParking Generation at Government Hospitals in Peninsular Malaysia
9Izzul bin RamliPA123081GraduatedStudies on Parking Generation at Expressway Rest Areas in Southern Peninsular Malaysia
1Aliyu Abubakar BurgaPKA203037On-goingImpact Of Advanced Driver Assistance System In Developing Nation.
2Garba Muhammad SaniPKA203034On-goingOptimizing MPPT using Artificial Neural Network for PV Hybrid Electric Vehicles
3Rizwanullah FaizPKA183034On-goingBehavioral Analysis of Older Age Driver And Road Safety
4Sudesh Nair a/l BaskaraPA133056On-goingInvestigations on pavement properties related to Malaysian weather condition and road accidents
5Tareq Mohammed Ali Al-BahrPA123090GraduatedAssessment of Effect of Geometric and Traffic Parameters on Speed Flow Relationship in Urban Roads
6Amir Hossein PakshirPA103155GraduatedInfluence of Rainfall on Roundabout Capacity and Their Implication for gap Acceptance