Conference Proceedings


1Statistical Evaluation of Moving Observer Method2021Tareq Al-Bahr, Othman Che Puan, Sitti Asmah Hassan, Shaza Farouk Azhari, Abdulsase M Al-Sabaeei & Haydar A Mohammed
Accuracy for Measuring Traffic Flow Variables on Urban Roads Parking Characteristics in Malaysia Public Hospitals2020Abdul Razak Ali & Sitti Asmah Hassan
2Relationship Between Delay, Accepted Gap and Circulating Flow at Roundabout2020S.F. Azhari, S.A. Hassan & O.C. Puan.
3Calibration of microsimulation model for tight urban diamond interchange under heterogeneous traffic2020M. Azam, O.C. Puan, S.A. Hassan & N. Mashros.
4Car following behaviours on multilane highways in Kuwait: a case study on 6th ring road2019E. Alenzi, O.C. Puan & S.A. Hassan.
5Estimation of critical gap at small roundabout2019S.F. Azhari, O.C. Puan, S.A. Hassan, N. Mashros, M.N. Warid & R.S. Lopa.
6Parameters affecting fluctuation in traffic stream on urban roads2019T.M. Al-Bahr, O.C. Puan, S.A. Hassan, M.K. Idham & C.R. Ismail.
7Aberrant behaviour plausibility in road traffic violations, errros and lapses2019R.U. Faiz, N. Mashros, H.Z.U. Abbas & S.A. Hassan.
8Development of parking estimation on rest service area in Malaysia2019I. Ramli, M.R. Hainin, S.A. Hassan & S.N. Naqibah.
9Effects of u-shaped subgrade concrete panel on subgrade deformation2019N.A.S. Kamarudin, A. Mohamed, H.M. Nor, N.H.A. Khalid, A.R.M. Sam, M.R. Hainin, H. Yaacob, M.K. Idham & S.A. Hassan.
10Influence of pavement condition towards accident number on Malaysian highway2019S N Baskara, H Yaacob, M R Hainin, S A Hassan, N Mashros, N Z M Yunus, N A Hassan, M N M Warid, M K Idham, C R Ismail, H M Nor, A Mohamad, M M A Aziz, R N Afiqah, M S A Ahmad & R P Jaya
11Review of Malaysian Current Practice in Supply/Demand of Parking in the Hospital2019Abdul Razak Ali & Sitti Asmah Hassan
12Strength behaviour of kaolin treated by demolished concrete materials2019Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus, Azimah Ayub, Mohd Azrai Wahid, Mohd Khairul Idham Mohd Satar, Rini Asnida Abdullah, Haryati Yaacob, Sitti Asmah Hassan & Muhammad Azril Hezmi
13Road Traffic Accidents on Senai-Desaru Expressway2018Nordiana Mashros, Sitti Asmah Hassan, Haryati Yaacob, Mohd Shahrir Amin Ahmad, Ismail Samat, Othman Che Puan, Norhidayah Abdul Hassan, Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus & Zaiton Haron
14Effect of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil From Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunch On Bitumen Properties2018Chia Chin Poh, Norhidayah Abdul Hassan, Noor Azah Abdul Raman, Nurul Athma Mohd Shukry, Muhammad Naqiuddin Mohd Warid, Mohd Khairul Idham Mohd Satar, Che Ros Ismail, Sitti Asmah Hassan & Nordiana Mashros
15Carbon Footprint Reduction in Transportation Activity by Emphasizing the Usage of Public Bus Services Among Adolescents2017Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor, Nur Khairiyah Basri & Sitti Asmah Hassan
16Analysis of Transportation Energy Consumption: En Route Towards Carbon Reduction for Sustainable Campus2017Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor & Sitti Asmah Hassan
17Comparison of Bus Driving Control Based on Working Shift Hour and Impact on Bus Fuel Consumption2017M. M. Rohani, B. D. Daniel, M.Y. Aman, J. Prasetijo, R. Buhari, N. N. Mohd Nawi, N. S. A. Sukor & S. A. Hasan
1Flooding Impacts on The Transportation System in Malaysia2021Hamizah Amalina Amlan, Sitti Asmah Hassan & Nor Eliza Alias
2Calibration and Validation of Lane Changing Following Gap Distance Using VISSIM2021Haydar Ali Mohamed, Othman Che Puan & Sitti Asmah Hassan
3Properties Of Bitumen Modified With Latex Under Short-Term Ageing2021U Jamaris, N A Hassan, M Z H Mahmud, C R Ismail, H Yaacob, S A Hassan
4Empirical Evaluation of Lane Changing Following Gap Distance on Expressway2021Haydar Ali Mohamed, Othman Che Puan & Sitti Asmah Hassan
5Examination of Lane Changing Duration Time on Expressway2021Haydar Ali Mohamed, Othman Che Puan & Sitti Asmah Hassan
6Assessment of Parking Facilities in School of Civil Engineering2020Ahmad Najamuddin Othman, Sitti Asmah Hassan & Nordiana Mashros
7Road Safety Assessment Tool (RSAT) for Road Design2020Raja Nurulhaiza Raja Nhari & Sitti Asmah Hassan
8Impact of Rainfall on Traffic Operation2019Sitti Asmah Hassan, Nordiana Mashros, Norhidayah Abdul Hassan, Haryati Yaacob & Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor
9Analysis on Pedestrian Movement at the Unpaid Concourse Area of a Train Station by Using Viswalk2018Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor, Noorhazlinda Abdul Rahman, Munzilah Md Rohani, Kamardin Ambak & Sitti Asmah Hassan.
10Traffic Noise Level at Jalan Skudai-Gelang Patah, Mutiara Rini, Johor2018Mohamad Arif Mohamad Aminuddin, Sitti Asmah Hassan, Nordiana Mashros, Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus & Rini Asnida Abdullah
11Tools to Select Supervisor for Final Year Project2015Roslida bt Abd Samat, Mohd Rosli bin Hainin, Sitti Asmah Hassan, Muhammad Azril bin Hezmi & Noraliani binti Alias
12An Analysis of Pro-Environmental Attributes Towards Adolescents in Penang using Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour2015Nur Khairiyah Basri, Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor & Sitti Asmah binti Hassan
13Car Driving Behaviour on Road Curves: A Case Study in Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia2015Munzilah Rohani, Rosnawati Buhari, Basil David Daniel, Joewono Prasetijo, Kamarudin Ambak, Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor & Sitti Asmah Hassan.
14Pro-environmental Awareness among Adolescents towards Sustainable Transportation: Extended Theory of Planned Behavior2014Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor, Nur Khairiyah binti Basri, Sitti Asmah binti Hassan & Prawira Fajarinda Belgiawan
15Mobility of the elderly at rural area Factors affecting the activity trips and mode choice2014Nur Sabahiah Bt Abdul Sukor, Sitti Asmah Bt Hassan & Munzilah bt Md. Rohani
16Factors Affecting Overtaking Behaviour on Single Carriageway Road2013Hassan, S.A. & Puan, O.C.