Master (Taught course)


1Razeeatul Maisara Binti Abdul MajeedMSC202007On-goingModelling of Vehicle Delay for Bus Rapid Transit in Isolated Vehicle Actuated JunctionCo-supervisor
2Li SiyuanMKA191131GraduatedEvaluation of Risky Driving Behaviour in MalaysiaMain supervisor
3Ibrahim Osama Ibrahim TamamMKA191006GraduatedAssessment of Unsignalized Intersection Operational Performance: A Case Study at Jalan Universiti, Johor, MalaysiaMain supervisor
4Abd Ramzi bin SabliMKA171012GraduatedBus Rapid Transit Using Compensation Method As Bus Priority System At Isolated Three-Arm JunctionMain supervisor
5Intan Nurfauzirah Shafiqah binti HamzaniMKA171010GraduatedBus Rapid Transit at Isolated Vehicle Actuated Junction Using Recall and Green Extension Bus Priority StrategyMain supervisor
6Raja Nurulhaiza binti Raja NhariMKA151099GraduatedRoad Safety Assessment Tool (RSAT) in Determining Level of Safety for Road DesignMain supervisor
7Jalaludin bin AbasMKA151085GraduatedRoad Safety Audit at Expressway Upgrading Pasir Gudang Expressway (F17) Johor BahruMain supervisor
8Mohad ‘Fedder bin MusaMKA151084GraduatedAccident Predictive Model based on Environmental Factors at Federal Route, MalaysiaMain supervisor
9Rosli bin HashimMKA151081GraduatedAnalysis on Junction Performance From 5 Developments at Jalan Ipoh Lumut (FT100), Manjung, PerakMain supervisor
10Faiznur Syahidah Binti SulaimanMKA151027GraduatedAssessment of Traffic Noise at Residential Areas: A Case Study in Skudai, Johor. Co-supervisor
11Muhammad Raihan Hj. SamuriMKA141129GraduatedFlow-Speed-Density Relationships for Pedestrians at Midblock CrossingsMain supervisor
12Khalida Adibah binti Mohamad YazitMKA141086GraduatedPedestrian Flow Characteristics At Pelican Crossings For Central Business District Areas In Johor BahruMain supervisor
13Muhammad Syimir Abd WahabMA131016GraduatedTrend of Parking Demand at Machap Northbound Rest AreaMain supervisor
14Abdul Razak bin AliMA131070GraduatedParking Generation at Government Offices in PerakMain supervisor
1Muhammad Ridhwan Bin NoridanMKA203017On-goingModelling Of Operating Speed At Horizontal Curve Based On Driving Style Using Vissim Microsimulation ModelCo-supervisor