What is the solution?

Honorable leadership must prevail to get the maximum performance out of your team. Your goal is to wisely manage tactical goals and results while avoiding pressure to meet unrealistic expectations. Follow these four steps to meet your goals and help your team succeed the right way –

  1. Recognize the realities of the human domain.
  • People want to succeed.
  • People want to be valued
  • People want to look good to others.
  • Peer pressure is powerful.
  • Management pressure can be even more powerful.
  1. Clarify and create an atmosphere that feels safe. Build trust.
  • Clarify expectations. Dialogue and gain agreement with the understanding that at any time the project gets off course, they will let you know.
  • Engage in discussions about what is achievable and what is not.
  • Listen to their ideas.
  • Set the example by being authentic and vulnerable. Let them know you know that you’re not perfect and you don’t expect them to be either.
  1. Connect with your people.
  • Connect based on your and their unique talents. Assessments like Leadership Behavior DNA® scientifically pinpoint each person’s strengths and struggles to understand each other better.
  • Connect with their hearts by letting them know they are valued and appreciated.
  1. Collaborate with the mindset that your goal is to help them be successful.
  • Communicate via an ongoing dialogue of realistic discussions about goals and challenges. Allow them to debate the issues with you and listen to their words and pay attention to their energy/emotions.
  • Solicit status reports and give them feedback.
  • Provide coaching, training, and support as needed to help them succeed.

When you have been diligent with this process, you can almost guarantee success for your people and you have helped them stay honorable as well. And when the goal is met, pause to celebrate together!