Completed Research/Projects


1. 2003 – Project Leader, An investigation of Decision Making Process in Consumers’ purchasing behavior: A cross-cultural analysis. Funded by RMC UTM under Short Term Research Grant Scheme. Budget Approved RM17,000

2. 2003 – Project Leader, A study on the attitude of UTM’s students towards the concepts of entrepreneuship: relationship between value, personality, and achievement motivation.Funded by RMC UTM under Short Term Research Grant Scheme. Budget Approved RM16,000

3. 2012 – Project Leader, Impact of Psychosocial Hazard on Well-being among Research University Staff in Malaysia. Budget Approved RM40,000. (Vote no Q.J130000.7129.02J21).

4. 2002 – Project Member, The effectiveness of University’s General Course: Graduates Perspective. Programme. Funded by UTM under Short Term Research Grant Scheme. Budget Approved RM20,000 (Vot 73022)

5. 2004 – Project Member, Factors that affect the transfer of IT training towards professional development of clerical staff at higher education institutions. Funded by RMC UTM under IRPA Research. Budget Approved RM60,000.

6. 2003 – Project Member, A study of the Traditional Village Model in Penansular Malaysia. Funded by Kementerian Pembangunan Luar Bandar under INFRA Research.

7. 2004 – Project Member, Kajian Terhadap Kampung Tradisional Nelayan Di Negeri Johor Daripada Perspektif Sosio Budaya. Funded by RMC UTM under Short Term Research.

8. 2004 – Project Member, A study of relationship between stress level, coping strategies and organisation commitment among academicians: A case study at UTM. Funded by RMC UTM under Short Term Research.

9. 2004 – Project Member, Communication satisfaction and organisational commitment among engineer and technician in manufacturing industry: A case study at Flectronics International, Senai Johor. Funded by RMC UTM under Short Term Research. Budget Approved RM20,000.

10. 2004 – Project Member, Persepsi Staf Wanita terhadap kemudahan dan perkembangan kerja di UTM. Funded by RMC UTM under Short Term Research. Budget Approved RM20,000.

11. 2006 – Project Member, Design Criteria For Socially Conducive Campus Environment for Educational Establishment in Malaysia. Funded by UTM under IRPA research.

12. 2012 – Project Member, Kajian mengenai tahap kualiti pendidikan dari perspektif pelajar antarabangsa di UTM. University Grants Budget Approved RM40000. (RUG Vote Q.J130000.7141.00J92)

13. 2012 – Project Member, The Impact of Self-Efficacy Towards Learning Approaches Among Post-Graduate Students In A Research University University Grants, Budget Approved RM40000. (RUG Vote Q.J130000.7129.02J35)

14. 2012 – Project Member, The Economic Impact Analysis Of Flood Disasters And Dynamics Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Study Of Malaysia University Grants. (RUG Vote Q.J130000.2529.02H59).

15. 2012 – Project Member, A Framework Of Ethical Experience During Industrial Training University Grants. Budget Approved RM 40,000 (RUG Vote Q.J130000.7129.01J89)

16. 2012 – Project Member, Entrepreneurial Passion In Strategic Decision Making Among Malaysian Small And Medium Enterprises (Smes). University Grants. Budget approved RM40,000. (RUG Vote Q.J130000.2629.01J66)

17. 2013 – Project Member, Kajian Mengenai Penyesuaian Diri, Alculturatif Stres dan Skil Penyelesaian Dalam Kalangan Pelajar Antarabangsa Di Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. RUG Vote Q.J130000.2461.07J97.

18. 2013 – Project Member, Kajian Kepuasan Pelanggan yang berurusan dengan Mahkamah Syariah di Negeri Johor. RUG Vote R.J130000.7309.4J116.

19. 2013 – Project Member, Building communities of practices and KM: The role of Brotherhood of muslims in professional contexts. RUG Vote Q.J130000.2729.00K50).

20. 2012 – Project Member, Acculturatif stress dan skil penyelesaian dalam kalangan pelajar antarabangsa di UTM. RUG Vote Q.J130000.2641.07J97.

21. 2011 – Project Member, Kaedah Pencegahan Penyakit Jiwa (Amrad Al-Nafs) Dari Perspektif Islam: Kajian Dalam Kalangan Remaja Islam di Johor Bahru.


i) 2014 – Project Leader, A Framework for Women Engagement in the Engineering Profession Enhancing Malaysian Global Competitiveness, Vot FRGS 2014-1, Budget approved RM 77,300.

Date : Project Leader/Project Member
i) 2013 – Project Member, Kajian Impak Program-Program Institut Integriti Malaysia dalam Melaksanakan Pelan Integriti Nasional (Vote:U.J410000.0100.00000). Budget Approved RM198000.

Date : Project Leader/Project Member
i) 2012 – 2015 – Project Member, “Integriti Dalam Kesepaduan Sosial” Bagi Projek 2: Governans Mengenai Kesepaduan Sosial. Geran LRGS Program Kesepaduan Sosial Negara (January 2012 – January 2015). Budget Approved RM150000.