Permaculture Project

Permaculture is the development of agriculture ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self sufficient. Me and Dr Huszalina Hussin from Bioscience Department as well as School of Education team, lead by Dr Husna went to permaculture garden at Jalan Jingga 1, Taman pelangi hosted by Shirin on 2nd September 2020. I am very happy for the determination and commitment shown by Shirin as the founder of the precious garden.

Community Service Project; Horizon Hill for Hugelculture Project


The Hugelculture sharing session was conducted with twice. For Phase 1; the UTM and MBIP team assisting the community how to set up the grow tong for Hugelculture on July 2020. While for 2nd phase, how to do composting of kitchen waste at home was shared among community on August 2020. A total of 4 academic staff and 5 non academic staff from Department of Bioscience had joined this project. This project was sponsored by Majlis Bandaraya Iskandar Puteri. Thanks to En Safwan Shaari and his team.