Semester 1 session 20202021

This semester, I teach Tissue Culture Technology (SMBT3243) for Undergraduate course (Biology Industry Program). I am focusing on Plant Section. The course will cover historical aspect of plant and animal tissue culture, biology of cultured cells, design and layout of the cell culture laboratory, equipment’s and handling of the tissue culture. Aseptic technique, general safety, culture vessels and media preparation & sterilization will be discussed. Plant tissue culture topics will include somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis; the role of plant growth regulators, factor affects pathways (pollen/anther culture), characterization of embryogenic plant cell based on morphological and histology, somaclonal variation as well as the use of bioreactor for cultivation of plant cell. For these semester, all TnL are online using synchronous lecture session by webex platform including the laboratory practical.


The remarkable UTM philosophy that is the divine law of Allah is the foundation for science and technology became benchmark for my teaching philosophy. Others than that the slogan of UTM is “ KERANA TUHAN UNTUK MANUSIA” has been acted as my core believe when I came to work every day, I teach in the awareness of Allah as my complete submission and with that I learn, I understand and I teach for His sake. That is the reason why Allah SWT has given the important word related to the knowledge to our prophet Muhammad Rasulullah SAW which was “Iqra” (Read) Therefore, because of the crucially importance of the knowledge to the humankind in this world, a great teaching practices is very important to be applied and I believe that, teaching is not just only deliver and convey the knowledge to the students but also involve integration to many things including self-attitude, enthusiasm, objectives, career, passion, technologies, patience etc. ‘

I believe that all students are unique and shall have fair educational environment and system where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential before going for employment. I believe we need to be patient in guiding the students and while the assessment may not specifically resemble the output of understanding of student learning. I also believe each student have unique capability to understand the content of subject taught in the classroom. I will be varying the teaching approach to suit the subjects that I teach. I do encourage students to understand the basic concepts rather than memorize. At the beginning of my class, I always brief the CI content. Since I must be knowledgeable in the subject, reading newest technologies or new theory in related to the topics are crucial. Finally, I hope that I can inculcate as many as possible knowledge that can be practice in their teaching environment and life.