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Senior Lecturer in Computational Structural Mechanics

School of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Universiti Teknologi 

Room : M50-02-29
Tel : +607 553 86 86
Fax : +607 556 61 57
Email : arazin@utm.my

Dr. Ahmad Razin Zainal Abidin
B.Eng. (UTM), M.Sc. (UTM), Ph.D. (Imperial College London)

I started my carrier as an academician in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) since September 2005 as a tutor of IT Unit in Faculty of Civil Engineering. I used that opportunity to really get involved with academic culture in UTM, at the same time strengthened my knowledge as much as possible.
Later in 2008, I was very glad to be appointed as a lecturer at UTM Skudai after completing my Master’s degree in Mac 2008. This time,
I had more opportunities to contribute on the development of students and the university, especially in teaching and supervision of students on IT-related subjects.
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MATLAB codes
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This codes is to generate a set of truss structures with the arrangement as shown in the figure. . clear, clc, clf Lx = 5;Nx = 25;Ly = 0.5;Ny = 5;t = 0.1;Slimit = 1000; %CREATE NODES[X,Y]=meshgrid(0:Lx/Nx:Lx,0:Ly/Ny:Ly);X=X';Y=Y';nodes = [X(1:end)' Y(1:end)']; %BLOCK...

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FEM – Bar Problem 1

This program is to demonstrate the calculation of bar element in FEM. . % Clear previous data and graph clc; clear all; cla %Input E=200e6; % Young's modulus (kN/m) A=0.04; % Area (m^2) L1=2.5; % Length 1st Element (m) L2=2.5; % Length 1st Element (m) P=10; % Point...

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