PhD students

Post Doctoral Supervision

1 Dr Mohammadreza Daroonparvar On-going APS Coating on Mg alloys for biomedical     Main Supervisor


2 Dr Mohammadreza Daroonparvar Completed
APS coating on superalloy with various pre-treatment                                                                                 Main Supervisor


PhD Student

1.2017-present – Hassan Ahmed Ghazi Hassan (on-going)

Mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and biofunctionality of nanostuctured coatings of GO/CNT on porous Ti-Ta shape memory alloys surface for Biomedical Applications

(Main supervisor)

2. 2016-present – Azrina Arshad (On-going)

Evaluation of NiCoCrAlYTa bond coat in thermal barrier coating with YSZ/LZ layer during oxidation deposited on Inconel 625

(Main Supervisor)

3. 2015-present –  Zulhelmi Alif Bin Abd Halim (On-going)                                                                 Development of Maerogel-Based Polymeric Composite Materials for Structure Applications                (Main Supervisor)

4. 2013-present – Mohd Hazwan Bin Hassim (On-going)                                                                               Coating for Biomedical Applications (Co-Supervisor)

5. 2012-2018 – Intan Syaqirah Binti Mohd Zulkifli (Graduated)
Maerogel Coatings for High Temperature Applications

Main Supervisor

6. 2012-2013 – Mohammadreza Daroonparvar (Graduated)                                                                       Synthesis and Application of Nanocrystalline NiCrAlY Powders in Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) with Nano Al2O3 as a Third Layer  (Main Supervisor)

7. 2009-2015 – Yong Tze Mi (Graduated)                                                                                                    Deposition of Nano-Crystalline Diamond on Tungsten Carbide using Hot Filament Chemical Vapour Deposition Method (Co-Supervisor)