Undergraduate Final Year Projects

Undergraduate Student
2013-2014 1 Azman Salamat
(Space) Completed – The effect of heat treatment on microstructural and mechanical properties of drawn high carbon steel wire (Main Supervisor)

2013-2014 2 Mohd Fazriq bin Md Yunus
(Space) Completed – Microstructural studies of Cu-Al Metallization on Si Wafer using PVD Method Main Supervisor
2013-2014 3 Alex Lu Chia Yang (SMI) Completed The study of activated carbon from biowaste material Moderator
2013-2014 4 Nur Suaidah Nadhirah binti Marzuki (SMB) Completed Effect of vertical Ni3Al precipitate thickness on the structural stability of Ni-based superalloys using molecular dynamics simulation Moderator
2013-2014 5 Hasvadilla binti Roslan (SMB) Completed Effect of Titanium segregation on interfacial misfit dislocation network on Ni-based superalloys using molecular dynamics simulation Moderator
2012-2013 6 Liew Xin Ying
(SMB) Completed Microstructural / Nanostructure study of anodized Al-alloy for engineering applications Main Supervisor
2012-2013 7 Tan Ee Pin
(SMB) Completed Microstructural and Adhesion Property Study TiN Coating on Steel Main Supervisor
2012-2013 8 Jocelyn Tan Woon Rui
(SMB) Completed Microstructure, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Compacted Precipitate Silica Composite from RHA Main Supervisor
2011-2012 9 Syed Mohd Ridzuan (SMB) Completed The Effect of Stainless Steel Substrate Temperature on Si Interlayer Coating using PVD Method Main Supervisor
2011-2012 10 Choo Shyh Jing
(SMB) Completed The Effect of Chamber Pressure on the growth of Diamond on Stainless Steel and High Speed Steel using CVD Method Main Supervisor
2011-2102 11 Phong Wei Loon
(SMB) Completed The Effect of Substrate Temperature on the Growth of Aluminum (Al) Thin Film on Silicon (100) Substrate Main Supervisor
2011-2012 12 Wan Zulhilmi
(SMB) Completed The Effect of PVD RF Power on the Growth of Silicon Coating on Steel Substrate Main Supervisor
2011-2012 13 Teh Swa Yee
(SMB) Completed The Effect of Gas Composition on the Growth of Diamond Coating on Ti-6-4 using CVD Method Main Supervisor
2010-2011 14 Ahmad Akram bin Mohd Completed Diamond Coating on Stainless Steel Substrate using CVD Method Main Supervisor