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Intelectual Property/Copyright | Professor Dr. Azlan Mohd Zain

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Intelectual Property/Copyright

1 Hybrid Cuckoo Search and Bat Algorithm for Optimizing Machining Performances IP/CR/2020/01425
2 A Hybrid Fish Swarm Algorithm for Classification Microarray Data IP/CR/2020/01417
3 Framework of Knight Tour Algorithm in Steganography Image IP/CR/2020/00941
4 Hybrid Whale Optimisation Algorithm and Pattern Search Technique for Optimising Injection Moulding Process IP/CR/2020/00634
5 Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail (SSTMI) Cyclists Performance Mobile Application (CPMA) IP/CR/2020/00827
6 CuckoPEA: Cuckoo Parameter Estimation Analyzer IP/CR/2018/06217
7 GRSVMSys- Hybridization GR-SVM Application for Predicting minimum surface roughness of machining process IP/CR/2018/01337
8 Hybrid Artificial Fish and Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Electrical Discharge Machining of Titanium Alloy IP/CR/2018/06379
9 Harmony Artificial Bee Colony Machining Performance System (HAMPS) IP/CR/2018/00590
10 Optimization of Injection Molding Process Using Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network IP/CR/2018/00699
11 A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization for Optimal Machining Parameters IP/CR/2018/00698
12 Hybrid Harmony Bee Colony for Optimization of Die Sinking Electric Discharge Machining IP/CR/2018/00594
13 Optimum Machining Parameters Analyzer Systems – OMAPS IP/CR/2017/01969
14 A Levy Flight Particle Swarm Optimizer For Machining Performance Optimization IP/CR/2017/01978
15 An Enhancement of Integrated Fuzzy-Topsis To Improve Machining Surface Roughness IP/CR/2017/01945
16 Hybrid Taguchi Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Optimization of Cutting Parameters IP/CR/2017/01939
17 Hybrid Grey Relational Analysis-Support Vector Machine GR-SVM in Predicting Machining Surface Roughness IP/CR/2017/01972
18 Improving Quality Tolerance For Simplification of Polyline Map object using Fish Swarm Algorithm IP/CR/2017/05543
19 Improving Quality Tolerance For Simplification Polygon Map object using Flower Pollination Algorithm IP/CR/2017/05540
20 Enhancement of The Machining Surface Roughness Model With Cuckoo Algorithm  IP/CR/2016/01895