Master students


  1. Nur Fatihah binti Kamarudin, “Child Age Estimation Using Carpal Bones of Children”
  2. Huang Lei, “Fusing of Convolutional Neural Network Transfer Learning and Generative Adversarial Network for Breast Cancer”
  3. Yao Yibo, “Generative dialogue system integrating domain knowledge”


  1. Nurazrin Mohd Esa, “Enhance Classification of Finger Prostheses Control System by Hybridization of Two-step SVM with Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO)”, 2020
  2. Nur Aini binti Zakaria, “Analysis Of Shrinkage And Warpage On Front Panel Housing Using Whale Optimisation Algorithm”, 2020
  3. Noramalina binti Mohd Hatta, “The Shrinkage Optimisation on Thick Plate Part using Grey Wolf Optimiser”, 2019
  4. Roslan bin Armina, “Hybrid Principal Component Analysis and K-Mean for Clustering Cancer Disease”, 2018
  5. Nur Fatin Liyana bt Mohd Rosely, “Classification of Cartographic Map Scale Using Fish Swarm Algorithm”, 2017
  6. Dhabitah binti Lazim, ” A Technique for Simplification of Polygon Map Object Using Flower Pollination Algorithm”, 2017
  7. Nur Asyikin binti Mohamad Halimin, “A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network for Optimization of Injection Molding Process”, 2016
  8. Muhammad Firdaus bin Azman, “A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Particle warm Optimization for Optimal Process Parameters in Injection Molding”, 2016
  9. Nurezayana bt Zainal , “Hybrid Taguchi Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Optimization of Cutting Parameters”, 2014
  10. Azizah bt Mohamad, “Enhancement of the Machining Surface Roughness with Cuckoo Algorithm”, 2014
  11. Anis Farhan bt. Kamaruzaman, “A Particle Swarm Optimizer for Optimization of Machining Performances in Turning Process”, 2014
  12. Mohd Ridhwan Hilmi bin Mohd Adnan, “An Enhancement of Integrated Fuzzy-TOPSIS to Improve Machining Surface Roughness”, 2014
  13. Ashanira bt Mat Deris, “Hybrid Grey Relational Analysis-Support Vector Machine in Predicting Machining Surface Roughness”, 2014
  14. Yusliza binti Yusoff, “Enhancement Of NGSA-II For Optimization Of Machining Parameters”, 2015
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