PhD students


  1. Anis Farhan bt. Kamaruzaman, “Source Code Plagiarism Detection Based on Modified Abstract Syntax Tree and Spectral Clustering Algorithm”
  2. Mohd Ridhwan Hilmi bin Mohd Adnan, “Fuzzy Canny Edge Detection For Segmentation Of Eye Redness Pixel Intensity”
  3. Norfarahlina bt Johari, “A Hybrid Firefly Algorithm for Optimizing Machining Parameters in Turning Operation”
  4. Noorfadzlan bin Yusup, “A Hybrid Feature Selection Technique for Optimal Human Activity Recognition”.
  5. Syarifah Zarith Rahmah binti Syed Ahmad, “Second Order Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization Methods for Wire Electric Discharge Machining Parameters”
  6. Adam Ridhwan bin Sukiman, “Automated Fish Length Measurement Based on Fish Body Parts Ratio Method of Species of Flatfish”
  7. Qin Feng, “Hybrid Knowledge Acquisition Framework Using Modified Heuristic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network”
  8. Sa’Ud Hamed Amur Khalfan Al Riyami, “An Ensemble Predictive Model Based Prototype for machines maintenance in petroleum and gas factories”
  9. Chen Changfeng, “Source Code Plagiarism Detection Based on Modified Abstract Syntax Tree and Spectral Clustering Algorithm”


  1. Dr. Nur Fatin Liyana bt Mohd Rosely, “A New Metaheuristics Hybrid Feature Selector with Support Vector Machine for Microarray Classification”, 2020
  2. Dr. Azizah bt Mohamad, “Hybridization of Cuckoo Search (CS) with Hoopoe Heuristic (HH) for Optimization in Deep Hole Drilling Process”, 2020
  3. Dr. Ashanira bt Mat Deris, “Hybrid Harmony Search and Artificial Bee Colony in Optimization of Die Sinking Electric Discahrge Machining Performances”, 2018
  4. Dr. Nurezayana bt Zainal, “Hybrid Artificial Fish Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Multi Performances of Machining Parameters”, 2018
  5. Dr. Yusliza binti Yusoff, “Multi Objective Estimation Model For Optimization of Machining Parameters”, 2017
  6. Dr. Zhou Kaiqing, “Modelling And Reasoning Of Large Scale Fuzzy Petri Net Using Inference Path And Bidirectional Methods, 2015
  7. Dr. Shayfull Zamree Abd Rahim, “Performance evaluation of Conformal and Straight Cooling Channels on Injection Moulded Part”, 2015
  8. Dr. Mazura Mat Din, “Lifetime Pipeline Prediction Using Soft Computing Method”, 2015
  9. Dr. Arezoo Sharkely, “An Integrated Prediction Model With Optimization Algorithm In Determining Machining Control Parameters”, 2014