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1Comparative study of Segmentation and Feature Extraction Method on Finger MovementAdvances in Intelligent Systems and ComputingISSN:    2250 -37651843117-1272019IndexScopusFirst UTM
2Overview Feature Selection Using Fish Swarm AlgorithmJournal of PhysicsISSN: 1742-658811921120682019IndexScopusFirst UTM
3Non-conventional Approaches for Warpage Minimization in Injection Molding ProcessAIP ISSN: 1551- 761620301201542018IndexScopusFirst UTM
4AI Approaches : Recent Studies on Shrinkage Optimisation in Injection Moulding ProcessAIP ISSN: 1551- 761620301201522018IndexScopusFirst UTM
5Optimal Injection Process Parameter Analysis for front panel housing using response surface methodologyAIP ISSN: 1551- 761618851201692017IndexScopusFirst UTM
6Analysis Of The Shrinkage At The Thick Plate Using Response Surface MethodologyAIP ISSN: 1551- 761618851201522017IndexScopusFirst UTM
7An Integrated study of surface roughness in EDM Process Using Regression Analysis and GSO AlgorithmJournal of PhysicsISSN: 1742-65888921120022017IndexScopusFirst UTM
8Eye Redness Image Processing TechniquesJournal of PhysicsISSN: 1742-65888921120192017IndexScopusFirst UTM
9A Review On Missing Value Estimation Using Imputation AlgorithmJournal of PhysicsISSN: 1742-65888921120042017IndexScopusFirst UTM
10Harmony Search Optimization In Dimensional Accuracy Of Die Sinking EDM Process Using SS316L Stainless SteelJournal of PhysicsISSN: 1742-65888921120032017IndexScopusFirst UTM
11Improving Warpage with Milled Groove Square Shape Conformal Cooling ChannelsKey Engineering MaterialsISSN: 1662-9795170031-412016IndexScopusSecond UTM
12Optimization of Machining Parameters for Minimization of Roundness Error in Deep Hole Drilling using Minimum Quantity LubricantMATEC WebISSN:        2261-236X17810242016IndexScopusFirst UTM
13Computational Approach for Multi Performances Optimization of EDMMATEC Web ISSN:        2261-236X17810142016IndexScopusFirst UTM
14A Study of Electrode Wear Ratio On EDM Of Ti-6AL-4V With Copper-Tungsten ElectrodeMATEC Web ISSN:        2261-236X17810132016IndexScopusFirst UTM
15An Experimental Result Of Surface Roughness Machining Performance In Deep Hole DrillingMATEC Web ISSN:        2261-236X17810362016IndexScopusFirst UTM
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21Overview Of Harmony Search (HS) Algorithm For Green Manufacturing IndustriesApplied Mechanics and MaterialsISSN: 1662-74828151413-4162015IndexScopusFirst UTM
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