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1Social Media and Stock Market Prediction: A Big Data Approach.Computers, Materials & ContinuaISSN: 1546-22266722569-258320214.89IndexWoSQ1First UTM
2Weighted Fuzzy Production Rule Extraction Using Modified Harmony Search Algorithm and BP Neural Network FrameworkIEEE AccessISSN: 2169-3536Vol. 81186620-18663720203.75IndexWoSQ1First UTM
3Vibration response of FG-CNT-reinforced plates covered by magnetic layer utilizing numerical solution.Steel and Composite StructuresISSN: 1229-9367Vol. 372253-25820204.17IndexWoSQ1First UTM
5Orthogonal Based ANN and MultiGA For Optimization On WEDM Of Ti–48Al Intermetallic AlloysArtificial Intelligence ReviewISSN: 1573-7462521671-70620195.74IndexWoSQ1Second UTM
6Recent Studies on Optimisation of Greywolf Optimiser (GWO) : A Review (2014 – 2017)Artificial Intelligence ReviewISSN: 1573-74625242651-268320195.74IndexWoSQ1First UTM
7Review of Modified And Hybrid Flower Pollination Algorithms For Solving Optimization ProblemsArtificial Intelligence ReviewISSN: 1573-74625231547-157720195.74IndexWoSQ1First UTM
8An Equivalent Generating Algorithm to Model Fuzzy Petri Net For Knowledge-Based SystemJournal of Intelligent ManufacturingISSN: 1572-81453041831-184220193.53IndexWoSQ1First UTM
14Potential ANN Prediction Model for Multiperformances WEDM On Inconel 718Neural Computing and Applications,ISSN:        1433-30583072113-212720184.68IndexWoSQ1Second UTM
15A Bidirectional Diagnosis Algorithm of Fuzzy Petri Net Using Inner-Reasoning-PathSymmetryISSN:        2073-899410619220181.26IndexWoSQ2First UTM
26A Note of Hybrid GR-SVM For Prediction of Surface Roughness In Abrasive Water Jet Machining: A ResponseMeccanicaISSN:        1572-96485281993-199420172.2IndexWoSQ1First UTM
27Improving the Quality and Productivity of Molded Parts With A New Design of Conformal Cooling Channels For The Injection Molding ProcessAdvances in Polymer TechnologyISSN: 1098-23293512152420162.13IndexWoSQ2Second UTM
28Fuzzy Petri Nets and Industrial Applications: A ReviewArtificial Intelligence ReviewISSN: 1573-7460454405-44620165.74IndexWoSQ1First UTM
31Prediction of Grain Size in the TiN Coating Using Artificial Neural NetworkInternational Journal of Applied Engineering ResearchISSN:   0973-456211199856-986920160.51IndexWoSQ2First UTM
33Glowworm Swarm Optimization (GSO) For Optimization of Machining ParametersJournal of Intelligent ManufacturingISSN: 1572-8145274797-80420163.04IndexWoSQ1First UTM
34An Improvement in Support Vector Machine Classification Model Using Grey Relational Analysis for Cancer DiagnosisJurnal TeknologiISSN:  1823-78437808-Feb107-11920160.41IndexWoSQ2Second UTM
35Multi Objective Machining Estimation Model Using Orthogonal and Neural NetworkJurnal TeknologiISSN:        1823-78437812-FebNov-1820160.41IndexWoSQ2Second UTM
47Fuzzy Logic for Modeling Machining Process: A ReviewArtificial Intelligence ReviewISSN: 1573-7460433345-37920155.74IndexWoSQ1First UTM
48A Decomposition Algorithm of Fuzzy Petri Net Using an Index Function and Incidence MatrixExpert Systems with ApplicationsISSN:         0957-41744283980-399020155.45IndexWoSQ1First UTM
49Dynamic Properties of Fuzzy Petri Net Model and Related AnalysisJournal of Central South University,ISSN:        1005-978422124717-472320150.6IndexWoSQ2First UTM
51A Multi-Performance Prediction Model Based on ANFIS And New Modified-GA for Machining ProcessesJournal of Intelligent ManufacturingISSN: 1572-8145264703-71620153.04IndexWoSQ1First UTM
52A Process Prediction Model Based on Cuckoo Algorithm for Abrasive Waterjet MachiningJournal of Intelligent ManufacturingISSN: 1572-81452661247-125220153.04IndexWoSQ1First UTM
55Detecting SIM Box Fraud by Using Support Vector Machine and Artificial Neural NetworkJurnal TeknologiISSN:  1823-7843741137-14920150.41IndexWoSQ2Second UTM
56Robust Optimization of ANFIS Based on A New Modified GANeurocomputingISSN:        0925-23121661357-36620154.43IndexWoSQ1First UTM
57The Role of Basic, Modified and Hybrid Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm on Optimization Problems: A ReviewSoft ComputingISSN: 1568-49461972011-203820152.47IndexWoSQ2First UTM
59Potential of Conformal Cooling Channels in Rapid Heat Cycle Molding: A ReviewAdvances in Polymer TechnologyISSN: 1098-23293312138120142.13IndexWoSQ2Second UTM
60Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Optimization Problems—A Literature Review and Its ApplicationsApplied Artificial IntelligenceISSN:        0883-9514285419-44820140.98IndexWoSQ3First UTM
62Estimation of Optimal Machining Control Parameters Using Artificial Bee ColonyJournal of Intelligent ManufacturingISSN: 1572-81452561463-147220143.04IndexWoSQ1First UTM
70Milled Groove Square Shape Conformal Cooling Channels in Injection Molding ProcessMaterials and Manufacturing ProcessesISSN:        1532-2475288884-89120132.27IndexWoSQ1Second UTM
71Hybrid GR-SVM For Prediction of Surface Roughness in Abrasive Water Jet MachiningMeccanicaISSN:        1572-96484881937-194520132.2IndexWoSQ1First UTM
72Regression and ANN Models for Estimating Minimum Value of Machining PerformanceApplied Mathematical ModellingISSN: 0307-904X3641477-149220123.63IndexWoSQ1First author
73Evolutionary Techniques in Optimizing Machining Parameters: Review and Recent Applications (2007–2011)Expert Systems with ApplicationsISSN:        0957-417439109909-992720125.45IndexWoSQ1First UTM
74Integrated ANN–GA for Estimating the Minimum Value For Machining PerformanceInternational Journal of Production ResearchISSN: 0020-7543501191-21320122.33IndexWoSQ1First author
75Multi-Objective Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms for Radial Basis Function Neural Network DesignKnowledge-Based SystemsISSN: 0950-7051127475-49720125.92IndexWoSQ1Second UTM
77Optimization of Process Parameters in The Abrasive Waterjet Machining Using Integrated SA–GAApplied soft computingISSN: 1568-49461185350-535920114.87IndexWoSQ1First author
78Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing to Estimate Optimal Process Parameters of The Abrasive Waterjet MachiningEngineering with computersISSN: 1435-5663273251-25920113.93IndexWoSQ1First author
79Estimation of The Minimum Machining Performance in The Abrasive Waterjet Machining Using Integrated ANN-SAExpert Systems with ApplicationsISSN:        0957-41743878316-832620115.45IndexWoSQ1First author
80Integration of Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm to Estimate Optimal Solutions For Minimising Surface Roughness In End Milling Ti-6AL-4VInternational Journal of Computer Integrated ManufacturingISSN: 1362-3052246574-59220113.05IndexWoSQ1First author
84Prediction of Surface Roughness in The End Milling Machining Using Artificial Neural NetworkExpert Systems with ApplicationsISSN:        0957-41743721755-176820105.45IndexWoSQ1First author
85Application of GA To Optimize Cutting Conditions For Minimizing Surface Roughness In End Milling Machining ProcessExpert Systems with ApplicationsISSN:        0957-41743764650-465920105.45IndexWoSQ1First author
86Simulated Annealing to Estimate The Optimal Cutting Conditions For Minimizing Surface Roughness In End Milling Ti-6Al-4VMachining Science and TechnologyISSN:        1532-248314143-6220102.03IndexWoSQ1First author