A body measurement technique for virtual apparel by using angle-based algorithm is presented. The existing virtual apparel or virtual fitting room system only focuses on the normal-sized human body. This paper proposes a technique that will allow the system to measure accurately and dynamically, to be used by users with various body sizes, using a depth motion sensor. This paper will also discuss the data from the depth motion sensor, and how the data is processed using the proposed angle-based algorithm and ellipse perimeter equation. Experiments from this study have shown that the system can measure various human body size and the calculated measurement using the technique is almost the same as the actual measurement of the user’s body. The potential application of this technique and future plan are also discussed.

This is a result of a collaboration between Hollywood fashion designer, Michael Herrera and UTM MaGICX

Full Article: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/8632636