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Online Final Year Project Presentation

The implementation of online FYP presentation is an example of the implementation of a new norm of post pandemic of COVID-19 that is very flexible for all candidates and panels. This method also cost-effective, time and energy saving compared to face to face presentation.

For the viva assessment, they are required to share the youtube link that represents their presentation and followed by Q & A session.

Here are the photos during viva of several FYP undergraduates students:

Online Supervision for Internship Students

For the first time, all third year students of Land Administration and development, Department of Real Estate, Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying, UTM has conducted the first online presentation and interview sessions for the undergraduate students regarding on their internship at the government and private sector such as the land office, property firms, and developer.

Here are the photos during the online supervision for internship students:


27th June 2020 was the big day for thirteen final year UTMSPACE students to present and defend their projects called Final Year Project II (FYP). I was the second reader or second examiner for the three of them.

Other examiners that involved in this viva was Dr. Ainur, Dr. Wan, & Dr. Amy.

This presentation was done virtually through Google Meet started at 10.30 a.m. until 4.30 p.m.

PG Progress Presentation

Post Graduate Progress Report should be done every semester and the students are required to present virtually via Google Meet on 18th June 2020 during MCO.

About 9 PhD candidates were participated and presented their progress and evaluated by two examiners (Dr. Halim & Dr. Fatin), witnessed by a Chairman (Dr. Shahril) and hosted by PG officers (Pn. Harlina).

This evaluation started at 9.00 a.m. till 12.00 p.m.


Our first meeting was held using Google Meet. The main focus is to propose an appreciation ceremony for all KTC front liners specifically include all volunteers from KTC.

This meeting began with a short speech from the College Principal of KTC and continue with discussions from all Majlis Felo who attend the meeting.



Each fellow and assistant fellow of Institusi Pembangunan Felo (IPF) have their own Biro. IPF consists of five Biro namely (1) Biro Kerohanian, (2) Biro Pembangunan & Budaya Ilmu, (3) Biro Kebajikan & Sosial, (4) Biro Sukan & Rekreasi, and (5) Biro Komunikasi & Dokumentasi. I joined the third Biro effective from January 2020 until December 2021.

Our first meeting via webex.

Lots of ideas that have been discussed together despite of pandemic of COVID19.



Hostel Visit

At first, we plan to do a hostel visit like the Table below.


 Team 1

Felow: Dr Amirjan

*Wakil Pejabat Kolej

Blok Lawatan : S33, S34, S37


 Team 2

Felow: En. Fabilah

*Wakil Pejabat Kolej

Blok lawatan: S04, S05


 Team 3

Felow: En Roslan

*Wakil pejabat kolej

Blok Lawatan: S08, S09, S38


 Team 4

Felow: Dr Fatin

*Wakil pejabat kolej

Blok lawatan: S13,S14,S15


 Team 5

Felow: Dr Yana

*Wakil pejabat kolej

Blok lawatan: S23, S24, S25


 Team 6

Felow: PM Dr Abdullah Sani

*Wakil pejabat kolej

Blok lawatan: S43


 Team 7

Felow: Puan Rafidah

*Wakil pejabat kolej

Blok lawatan: S10, S11, S12


Pengetua dan wakil HEP di kolej (En Isa dan Cik Aznor) akan turut serta ke blok yang dirasakan sesuai

Due to some obstacles, we used Plan B.

Our first visit after MCO to all the KTC’s student hostels started on 11th June 2020 at 9.30 a.m. We collaborated with the staff management office and split into three teams based on the given building number.

Here we go!

First team consists of Female Fellow (Dr. Yana & Dr. Fatin).

Second team leads by Dr. Amirjan (represents Male Fellow)

The third team is from the management office of KTC. Once the hostel visit is done, we should prepare a report informing about any damages in the buildings notably the electrical/facilities issues and also, to ensure the welfare of all the students who are still staying in the college.