Dear Prof. / Assoc. Prof. / Dr.,

The FYP committees will be organizing a Three-minute Thesis (3MT) seminar on the 20th December 2018.
It will be a half day seminar where each students will have to present their work in 3 minutes followed by 5 minutes Q&A.
Prior to this seminar, students will have to submit their FYP1 report to the examiners on or before 14th December 2018 and the same examiner will be assessing their seminar.
Attached is the 3MT Seminar Schedule. Please let me know by this week if you are not available on the 20th December 2018 to attend the seminar.


Dear FYP1 supervisors,

All FYP1 assessments will be online (links below). You may start filling in rinkoh assessment form.
For your information, starting this semester, FYP1 presentation will be in the form of ‘3 minutes thesis’ (3MT) seminar. The seminar will be on the 20th December 2018, for all students. Students will have to submit their report to thier examiner a week before the seminar and the same examiner will be assessing their 3MT presentation. We will post more information about the seminar later on.
Here are the forms and their due dates:

Assessment Form

Due date




14th December 2018

Lecturer from the same iKohza

Supervisor appoint lecturer from same ikohza as examiner

Rinkoh assessments has started since last month and Week 14 is the final week for rinkoh


14th December 2018

Lecturer from the same department

Examiner will be appointed by FYP coordinators.

Students will submit to examiner directly


20th December 2018

Lecturer from the same department

Same examiner as above


21st December 2018


I noticed that some of you have chosen the wrong form for rinkoh assessment. Rinkoh assessment is using form  FYP1-3 (Highlighted in green below)


Dear colleagues,

The 3 minutes thesis (3MT) seminar will be held on 20th December 2018 starting from 8.00 to 13.00, at 11 different classrooms in MJIIT.

Prior to this seminar, students will have to submit their FYP1 report to their examiner and the same examiner will be responsible to assess their 3MT presentation. List of examiners, venue and sessions will be shared later to all lecturers and FYP1 students.

The 3MT seminar will be similar to the international format of the 3MT presentation (https://threeminutethesis.uq.edu.au/watch-3mt). Students have only 3 minutes to present their work and the presentation must be easy to understand even by people from different research areas.They have to provide ONLY 1 SLIDE as visual aid.

3MT seminar details:

  • Date: 20th December 2018 (Thursday)
  • Session 1: 0800-1030
  • Session 2: 1030-1300
  • Venue: MJIIT classrooms
  • Per session per room: 10 to 11 students presenting
  • Students will have to prepare ONLY 1 SLIDE
  • Students time allocation:
    • 10 minutes each
    • 1 minute preparation
    • 3 minutes presentation
    • 5 minutes Q&A
    • 1 minute for cleanup (take USB out etc)
  • Examiner will key in marks in the online system directly
  • 2 best presenters will be chosen from each department. Winners will be announced next semester during FYP2 briefing

Final Year Project 1 Sem 1 2018/19

Dear Final Year Project Supervisors,

We have made few changes for Final Year Project 1. The new FYP1 format will focus more on students presentation skills and overall understanding of their project.
Attached herewith the new FYP1 course information, action plan and new rubrics.
Please refer to action plan for FYP1 timeline and important dates.
Important changes:
A) NEW RUBRICS: Students will be assessed based on
  1. Log-book (20%) -can be either a book or a file
  2. Rinkoh (30%) – Weekly meetings, participation and presentation
  3. Report (30%) – to be submitted to examiner on week 13
  4. Presentation (20%) – 3 minute thesis format on week 14
New assessment forms:
FYP1-1: Report (15%). Examiner: Non-supervisor from same department*
FYP1-2: Presentation (20%). Examiner: Non-supervisor from same department*
FYP1-3: Rinkoh (10%). Examiner. Non-supervisor from same iKohza**
FYP1-4: Rinkoh (20%), Log-book (20%), Report (15%). Examiner: Supervisor
*determined by FYP coordinators
**determined by supervisor
ALL forms will be online and the link will be given prior to each assessment. The forms in the attachment are only for references.


The seminar will be held on the 14th week. Students will have to present their project in a ‘3-minute thesis’ format, with additional 5 minutes for Q&A. They will have to prepare ONLY 1 slide as a visual guide for their presentation.
Prior to this seminar, students will submit report to their respective examiners. Therefore, the examiner will already have some overview of the student’s project during the seminar.

Please Download All materials below.
1. Action-Plan
2. Assessments-Rubrics
3. Course-Information

Thank you