Three-Dimensional Nano-Characterization of Various Materials by Combination of (S)TEM and Computed Tomography

Dear All

Prof. Dr. Kenji Kaneko of Kyushu University, Japan will visit MJIIT next week.
He will kindly deliver a talk on nano-characterization of functional materials by using advanced techniques. All of you are invited to the Colloquium which will take place on the 9th August (Thu) 2018. Encourage your colleagues and students to join the colloquium.
Colloquium: Organized by Nano3 and Microscopy Lab, MJIIT
Speaker:      Prof. Dr. Kenji Kaneko
Dept. Mater Sci and Eng. and Ultramicroscopy Research Center, Kyushu Univ. Japan
Title of talk:     Three-Dimensional Nano-Characterization of Various Materials by Combination of (S)TEM and Computed Tomography
Keywords:     Latest technique, TEM-STEM, Nano-characterization, Computer tomography, Functional materials
Time and Date:     11:00 – 12:00 the 9th August (Thu), 2018
Venue: Seminar Room of MOT (Rm# 10-44-01) of MJIIT, UTM-KL (Jln Sultan Yahya Petra, 54100 KL)
Thank you in advance.
Noriyuki Kuwano
Head of Nano3 i-Kohza, MJIIT
Head of Microscopy Lab, MJIIT

Bagaimana menangani tekanan

Minum kopi kurang dari 3 cawan

Bad mood – makan vanilla ice cream

1 cawan susu suam dengan kurma dan blend.

Serap vitamin D sekitar 6-8pg di persekitaran.

Perlu ada tingkap diruang kerja.

Ibu mengandung jangan buat refleksologi.

Urut budak kecik kita. Dan peluk mereka.

2-3 pagi buat solat dan bukan muslim buat yoga.



Kenali personaliti

How do you know yourself?

Setengah penuh atau setengah kosong?

Every human being is different.

Individual personality is influent by

1. Biology


3.Social interaction

4. Individual character.

5. Culcure.

Mengawal perhubungan dengan menguasai personaliti.

Mengenali dan perhatikan bahasa tubuh. Perhatikan penampilan luaran. Perhatikan sevarang gerakan tubuh. Perhatikan riak wajah.

Ada sempadan -bila bercakap sambil pegang atau peluk beg, buku depan kita.

Tak mudah mereka share terutama pelajar engineering sains student.

Kena faham perbezaan generasi.



Laser Cutting LH1325M

Available at Advanced Precision Lab, Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology ( MJIIT)

Cut metal up to 1.2 mm of thickness.
Engrave material

Available materials
Stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, clothing, leather, plastic, PMMA, plexiglass, wood, plywood, MDF, glass, marble, wooden puzzle, window case, bamboo, rubber sheet etc.

Research grant opportunity from Japan

1. Toray Science and Technology Research grant
This is only for young academic staff (below 40 years).
This is now open until 31st May.
2. Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF)
One of the due date for this year is 17 October.
Please consider about submission to this grant, since we still have time.
3. Kurita water and Environmental Foundation
We have to have Japanese collaborators, because we have to submit recommendation letter together with application form.
Due date for this grant is 12 May (sorry for short notice).
4. Sumitomo Foundation
There are some opportunity to submit proposal. Please see the link.
Especially, if you can read and write in Japanese,
Grant for Environmental Research Projects, and Grant for Basic Science Research Projects
is good opportunity for us.

SODO B21 and B29.

This is a friendly reminder regarding the usage of a SODO B21 and B29.
Only conference fees need to be claimed under B29. For all other research activities, claims need to e be done using B21.
For example: if the total amount of approved budget for attending a conference is RM 10,000.00. Registration fees is RM 3,000.00 and the travelling expenses is RM 7,000.00. The fees will be covered using SODO B29. The travelling expenses will be covered using SODO B21


Name : Dr. Hafizal Bin Yahaya
Department / Unit : Dept. of Mechanical Precision Engineering
Faculty / Division : Malaysia-Japan International Institute Of Technology (MJIIT)
Official Email :
Second email :
Office No. : 03 2203 1392
Ext. No. : 1392
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Address: Malaysia-Japan International Institute Of Technology (MJIIT), Dept. of Mechanical Precision Engineering, University Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra (Jalan Semarak), 54100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.